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  1. On 10/4/2020 at 4:45 AM, scd780 said:

    Hi Dent_, 


    Nope didn't get back to troubleshooting as it wasn't a huge concern at the time, just something I wanted to enable to backup my parents' devices. At this point my best guess is something to do with DNS and the proxy? I have a pihole container that is my DNS but not DHCP and it doesn't seem to recognize cnames no matter what I do (newbie so I hope I'm using the term correctly. Example of this behavior would be that I have to use the direct IP of my unRAID server instead of the given name to access the webGUI).


    I seem to remember thinking that I may have set the wrong, or not all of the necessary ports in the proxy config file. So that may be something to look into if you're troubleshooting yourself! Let me know if you figure it out


    If you do go this route, don't forget to set a password on your urbackup installation! 


    is there any progress on this?

    I have also tried to get it to work in a similar way, but no success..


    if anyone has a working proxy config for swag, please share


    thanks a lot!

  2. On 2/15/2021 at 8:44 PM, jtroberts said:


    I'm having trouble with the local client.  No issues with the docker, that all works fine.  I ran the script from here.  I can see the binary created on the unraid server in /usr/local.bin and I can execute the bin file but I am jsut not sure what parameters need to be included.  PS: my client is not discoverable in the docker GUI.


    /usr/local/bin# ./urbackupclientctl start -c -f
    Error starting backup. No backup server found.

    I should also add I have a dual-homed system.


    eth0.10 = private lan to VPN outbound (default system route)

    Eth1 = Plex an a few other dockers on the user lan


    I control each dockers access by choosing which network.  UrBackup is on br0.10 -


    Thanks in advance



    Fixed.  Allowed Host access to Custom networks in the Docker setup.


    1. Install and start URbackup client
    TF=$(mktemp) && wget "">
    2. CD to URbackup client path
    cd /usr/local/bin
    3. Add Directory to be backed up
    urbackupclientctl add-backupdir -d /mnt/user/Videos
    urbackupclientctl add-backupdir -d /mnt/user/Pictures
    4. Start backup
    urbackupclientctl start -f


    this sounds awesome!!


    maybe binhex would like to also prepare a plugin or docker for the client side 🥰?

    I would appreciate!

  3. wanted to bring that up again:



    if not LT, maybe there is an interested comunity developer?


    the snapshots are not only interesting for the vms, but also for general btrfs, since we can use multiple pools now

    take me for example, i have a raid5 pool of 5 hdds with most my live date (i know raid 5 and 6 are experimental) and would love to take controlled snapshots via a gui (i am not so familiar with console on not windows os, sry)


    greetings from vienna

  4. On 10/9/2020 at 2:33 PM, FlorinB said:

    With multiple pools I am seeing this as multiple "cache" drives. Since the Mover is able to move the data from the pools to Array, it will be helfpul (at least for me) to use the unBalance as well for Scatter & Gather the data between Array and pools.


    +1 for this

    as unbalance was able to utilize the "old" cache drive, it would absolutely make sence (also for me ;) ) to have the same functionality with the multi-pools

  5. i found the key download link in my mail, so i can retrieve that key, but cannot find the flash drive..

    Spencer from Unraid also answered to my mail stating that i may have to use a completely new drive instead.


    so here we go, thank you my dumb brain

    as these sandisk ultra mini drives get fairly hot i think i might get a bigger one with metal-body this time - any suggestions?


    thank you for your support ;)

  6. ok i think i found my issue but, have no explanation


    at some point i might have ordered a replacement of this stick to another one, which i never used (!)

    the problem now is, that i don't even have the other stick any more..


    is there any way to get the flash drive un-blacklisted?

  7. hi guys and girls!

    first of all: thank your for the plugin, really makes things easier

    generally love the community


    now i have some questions:

    in wich order does the backup-task stop and start the docker containers?

    the reason for my question:

    in the past, i've noticed some strange things happen to nextcloud, if it's connected to a maria-db container. if the maria-db will be stopped before nextcloud, it could happen that after the restart nextcloud runs into a system-error and needs to be reinstalled.

    I've had that a couple of times and it cost me nerves and hair..


    Is there someone else maybe with this experience?

    is there any advice you can give me?


    at the moment i've excluded mariadb and nextcloud from backup from beeing shutdown, but if I understand correctly this could lead to more issues and also files which beeing accessed not beeing backuped.


    thanks in advance!



  8. Hi,

    I don't know if anyone has successfully used the lancache-bundle docker for wsus, at least I couldn't find any "how to"


    so could anyone please help me?

    what are the correct settings for the clients? or do I even need to set something?

    I would assume, that I have to tell the windows client where the wsus server is (?)


    thanks in advance!


  9. i know, this is an old topic, but does anyone have experience with esxi 7.0?

    i tried to create a vm for testing on one of my unraid boxes, with the mentioned settings, but during installation i get an error that it cannot find any ethernet adapter.



  10. I have a quite similar issue as my previous poster.

    But I had Nextcloud running for quite some time now. This error just suddenly appeared (maybe with last Docker update?).


    Unfortunately I cannot rollback to a backup since my backup-settings were wrong and I have only one backup from "not working state".

    Please, help?


    Thanks in advance!

    (sry for bad english)



    I ended up reinstalling Nextcloud and MariaDB, now it's working again