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  1. Clutz450 a quick search for "changing dns on ASUS RT-AX58U" will provide you where you can change the DNS addresses that your router looks for. You will need to update the details in the lan cache settings though as well. I would assume that you are using wifi for both PS and Switch, you might be limited by your wireless connection. So it doesnt look like its going faster, or that it is working. Are you checking on your UnRaid server to see if there is just outbound traffic from your server? You should also be able to see that when you remove a steam game and redownload it. Just the outbound should have a large transfer speed.
  2. der8ertl, before mine stopped working, I didnt have to do anything but set the first DNS request to my lan cache IP. I didnt check after setting my router to have my lan cache IP as the primary DNS IP. Image shows what I had before updating my network months ago, and I can confirm that worked as I forced my pc to updated with windows, then updated the other 4 windows 10 pcs in my house. hope that helps
  3. Clutz450 you are correct, it should be working by default. I dont have either of those systems to test, but I have set my router to point and hand out my lan cache IP. This way no matter what device gets onto my network, it will goto my lan cache ip first. Before doing this, I had to set everything in my network to point at my lan cache ip or it would not do anything. Hope that helps.
  4. I cant seem to start the docker anymore. I turned the server off, so I could use the power supply to test some equipment that I got in. (New power supply then arrived a day later) I turned the server back on and everything came up but lancache bundle. I get execution error "error 403" I tried to look at the logs, and cant seem to find it. I havent looked at them since I got this setup months ago. Anyone run into this? I looked into the logs that unraid provide (top right side, multi line icon) and that doesnt seem to tell me what happened. Thanks for your time EDIT: After restarting my machine, I guess it didnt stick to the IP address I gave it, and the router gave the UNRaid server the IP that I had set aside for Lan Cache. I will need to see what I did wrong as its not a static IP, which is what I thought I set.
  5. Is there a way for me to add an ipv6 address for lancache? Or allow an upstream dns request to go out my IP as ipv6 if lancache doesnt have the file its looking for?