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  1. Following lesage's instructions, after downloading base, setup the following two config files and docker commands. file: Dockerfile # Sample Dockerfile with xterm gui on Ubuntu (not alpine-3.6n) FROM jlesage/baseimage-gui:ubuntu-18.04 RUN add-pkg sudo xterm RUN add-pkg python3-gi-cairo gsettings-backend dconf-gsettings-backend rmlint-gui # _-gi-cairo solves: TypeError: Couldn't find foreign struct converter for 'cairo.Context' COPY startapp.sh /startapp.sh # Set the name of the application, and other exported values ENV APP_NAME="Xterm" ENV TAKE_CONFIG_OWNERSHIP 1 # /config writable with UID 1000 gut /app directory still ro-unaccessible ENV USER_ID 0 # solves limited privileges mentioned (or else keep default UID 1000) file: startapp.sh #!/bin/sh exec /usr/bin/xterm Run these docker commands in host terminal: cd docker-baseimage-gui-master docker build -t docker-xterm-rmlint . docker run --rm -p 5800:5800 docker-xterm-rmlint Your guest shell interface is accessible by browser URL: http://localhost:5800/ Test virtual machine rmlint-gui by creating a duped file set: mkdir subdir ; echo 123 | tee ./subdir/fileB > ./subdir/fileA rmlint --gui # that's space-dash-dash-gui In rmlint graphical interface: [add current /app directory] [click ">" on the right of /app] [notice fileA and fileB are 2 twins] [click on subdir] [click on render-selected] [notice original and dupe files listed at bottom of rendered script] [click test with dry-run still activated, or allow real deletion prior to click] - - Beware, as of may2020, this rmlint gui on ubuntu 18 has 3 annoying attributes: -> DANGEROUS : Ignores modifications made to rendered script, even if you save it! -> Seems to ignore toggling which file is original and which is not -> need to click on a directory containing all dupes files before rendering Selected Solution: If you need to change manually the saved rendered script, run it from shell, not GUI. Rmlint has many other features, (lucky you if you use btrfs: check out cp --reflink=always)