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  1. 1. Firstly make a backup of your flash drive!

    2. If you have backup of your previous version maybe try to restore it.


    2. If you don't, then I would do fresh 6.9.0 install and then make sure it boots.

    3. When it boots successfully then I would copy over manually my configs. Maybe not all at once, but first unraid configs, if it boots then plugin configs.

    Maybe make sure that your usb flash drive is not faulty. Run checkdisk...


    In my case update was painless, so I would gues it is your system specyfic problem, which has to be investigated by You :)

    Good luck.

  2. I also remeber that during my testing performance of uploading files to owncloud when it was mounted /mnt/user/owncloud was degradeted so much that I was unable to use it. But it was long time ago since I have installed my server and I don't remember everything :)

  3. One drawback of my workaround, by mounting /mnt/disk1/owncloud is that I can have only one drive in use. Second drawback is that i can't use cache.

    I don't know what would happen if i used cache, but I think data corruption will occure if I mount /mnt/disk1/owncloud to my docker and cache owncloud share.

  4. Yes, plugins are up to date. Which message in system log is suspicious? :) I was trying to investigate shfs, but I am not sure what is that. Does it has something to do with sshfs? Is it encrypting all disk traffic on localhost? I understand that this module allowes to split data over sever hard drives.

    I recall that this problem persists since 6.8.3 (since I bought unraid), but I have changed my owncloud to use one physical drive and pointed docker to /mnt/disk1/


    I think that any disk IO intensive operation is causing shfs to go crazy on cpu. I think that after booting my server, docker named "serviio" was scanning multimedia files and this cause high disk activity, but it doesn't explain why shfs uses so much cpu. Its big performance bottleneck :/