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  1. my minecraft server doesn't work after an update. tried everything, can anyone help. here is the log. not sure why it can't find my java files. ---Checking for ''--- ---'' found... ---Checking for old logs--- ---Starting Server--- ---Waiting for logs, please stand by...--- Cannot exec '/serverdata/serverfiles/runtime/jre1.8.0_261/bin/java': No such file or directory Terminated ---Checking if UID: 99 matches user--- usermod: no changes ---Checking if GID: 100 matches user--- usermod: no changes ---Setting umask to 000--- ---C
  2. Thanks so much that was the absolute fix. I'm off and running, What a great community, you guys go above and beyond.
  3. Hi all, Long time (1+ year) bnhex delugeVPN user with PIA VPN. Can't log into the web interface in the last week. It was working fine 2 weeks ago. IP address is the same. Went through the logs, but can't see the problem. Can someone more knowledgeable enlighten me? I also included the startup log with my pass/user stared out. PIA has given me some troubles with the the VPN connection which required replacing the OPENVPN files, but I don't think this browsing through the logs. Thanks all delugelog.txt startuplog.txt
  4. thanks so much. looks like parity is rebuilding now. from the wiki steps 8 and 9 confused me - your clarification on step 8 to go to the main tab to restart the array AND not checking valid parity helped. I didn't know to go to the main tab!!
  5. I tried following instructions on shrinking my array. I wanted to take out a hard drive. Tried following the wiki's "Remove Drives then Rebuild Parity" I moved all the data off the drive - that is disk 2 - see attached picture. I checked it was empty first. Stopped the array, went to Tools -> New Config -> checked off everything in Preserved Current Assignments - see attached pic Check Yes I want this to be Done (disk 2 was then physically taken out of the server) then went back to Main --> Array Devices - but Disk 2 c
  6. also find it interesting this was a homegrown solution to have 48 drive for backblaze, perhaps they run proprietary software that compensates? any thoughts on what to do the controllers/port multipliers?
  7. thanks. finally got around to it today. I took out the controller cards and plugged all the drives directly into the motherboard. startup errors went away. it's rebuilding parity now. was afraid i was going to lose my data, but your advice and spaceinvader video on xfs corruption saved my butt <> wife is SO happy about your unraid hobby. also my docker was hanging my whole system, deleted the docker.img and just reinstalled, nice that the app data is separate, so all my plex data is unchanged!! unraid is so po
  8. Thanks. This was a case from BackBlaze 2.0 which they gave out for free. It's sitting in my garage and it's summer, so I'm not surprised about the cooling. I'll probably turn on the fans. I'm a relative unRAID newbie. It's a long rabbit hole. Can I ask how did you work out that it is a controller problem?
  9. Trying to figure out what happened to my Parity drive to disable it, can you guys clarify through the logs: Thanks. Edited attached the logs.