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  1. Hello, That's good to know. After seeing the performance of the 3950x I'm seriously leaning towards the AMD route. Do Nvidia cards play well with them and if so which would you all recommend? For my setup I'll need three, one for my gaming VM, one for the family VM and then one for unRaid. If I do go with the 3950x, what do you think of the "X570 GODLIKE" motherboard (I really want 10gb networking); https://www.scan.co.uk/products/msi-meg-x570-godlike-amd-x570-am4-ddr4-pcie-40-triple-m2-2-way-sli-4-way-crossfire-killer-2
  2. All really good suggestions, thanks, I'll do just that. As for the X470D4U, that's half the price of the MAXIMUS so I'm very happy with that. To be honest regarding the choise of SSD, I didn't look around and chose the 660p as I saw it mentioned on a Linus video that it was good value for its speed. But I'll certainly look at the 970's. What would be a good recommendation for graphics? Is there anything that hits that sweet spot for performance whilst bringing that price down from the 2060? This will be for my gaming VM, however I'll need a second run of the mill card for a second Windows VM for Internet browsing etc. ***EDIT*** On a side note, I've just been on www.cpubenchmark.net and the 3950x is blowing the i9-10980XE out of the water! I think I'm certainly swaying to AMD for this build. I didn't realise how powerful that chip was!
  3. Hello, If the general consensus is that a 3950x is the best way to go then I'll certainly go that route. Thanks for the suggestion. Looking online it would appear to be roughly £100 more than the 10900K, however all the benchmarks certainly show where that extra money goes.....very impressive. A quick search through this forum and people certainly have their opinions on the age old Intel vs AMD debate. Overall will the 3950x give me any issues when aiming for what I've outlined above? And is the extra cost beneficial in the longterm, or able to reduce costs in other areas? I've recently switched my entire movie and TV library over to H265, which has reduced my overall usage of my 20TB to a little over half. I had originally planned to utilise Google Drive as temporary storage whilst I made the switch from Synology to unRaid, one drive at a time.
  4. Hello all, First post after recently joining. I've had a synology DS916+ with 2x 10tb drives for a few years now but I would like to move to a self build and unRaid. I currently use my NAS as a media server for a maximum of two streams at any one time. I use Emby as my media player/organiser and overall I am happy with it. The NAS is not the fastest and it sometimes struggles with even 1080p video. My intentions are to replace this NAS with a self build with unRaid, have the ability to transcode two 4K video streams at the same time (more would be nice), setup two Windows VM's on it (one being a gaming VM, albeit I don't play that many games, but I would like to have a smooth experience when I do), the second VM will be for usual www use etc. These two VM's will replace two computers in seperate parts of the house via KVM. The media side of the NAS will need to transcode and relay the signals to various TV's around the house. I will be keeping my two 10tb WD HHD's and will look to expand in the future as and when (up to the region of ten drives), and so having the initial space in the case is critical. My build that I have drawn up is currently looking like the following, however I would really appreciate the communities input as to what should be changed/altered to bring down price whilst still "pointing" in the direction of my requirements; *ThermalTake The Tower 900 Super Tower Computer Chassis (£234.98) *Intel Core i9 10900K (£529.99) *ASUS MAXIMUS XII FORMULA, Intel Z490 (£499.99) *128GB (4x32GB) Corsair DDR4 Vengeance RGB PRO Black, PC4-28800 (3600) (£681.49) *2TB Intel SSD 660p Series (£227.99) *1200W Corsair HX1200i, Full Modular, ATX PSU (£289.99) *ASUS GeForce RTX 2060 (£323.99) Total - £2788.43 I'm a longtime Intel and Nvidia lover and so it will be difficult for me to move from them, however I will if need be. Thank you all in advance.