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  1. Getting the exact same error. I also tried both the :dev and the :latest docker tag versions and they both respond the same.
  2. Hi all, Thanks for this app/container, though I'm having some issues uploading my wedding videos. They are mp4 and shouldn't be anything special or weird. See attached. Can anyone help please? I would prefer not to convert them myself.
  3. No support needed...but just wanted to say Thank You! (Also thanked you on Patreon).
  4. Hi all Thanks for a great project...I've been putting off this post for ages but I'm getting very frustrated. I have for a long time had issues with the VPN connection dropping out. I use AirVPN and when I restart the docker, I can see the VPN session opening up, and the port Check on rutorrent is Green, everything is good. Then after an unspecified amount of time, the port checker goes Yellow and my connection drops. The only way to fix it is to restart the docker. Is there some kind of keepalive setting I can use? or tweak? At the moment my workaround is a User Script that restarts the container every hour...not ideal. Logs attached. EDIT: Have moved all settings and everything over to Qbittorrent which seems to be much more stable for now. Would still like to get this resolved in case the same thing happens with Qbittorrent? supervisord.log
  5. Thanks for your reply. At the time my container was definitely up to date yeah, but I have since checked again and there was an update. I applied it and we're all good now. Thanks!
  6. Hey all I started getting this error today: rfbProcessClientProtocolVersion: read: I/O error I can't login, when I open the docker web GUI the VNC says "disconnected" and it cant connect. Anyone else getting the same thing? EDIT: Randomly started working again....didn't make any changes. I see now there is a banner saying "Code42 wasn't able to upgrade, but will try again in 1hour". Im guessing this has something to do it with it. Any way to stop/prevent it from trying to do taht? Thanks