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  1. 17 minutes ago, SliMat said:

    but I have changed to "annoyance" if its not deemed important that peoples machines can be left unusable

    I think the 'urgent' category is meant to be used for 'drop everything else until this is fixed' type errors and ones that can cause data loss?  I would only have downgraded this one to 'Minor' rather than all the way to 'Annoyance', but that is just my view.

  2. 23 minutes ago, RokleM said:

    I will however it is nearly 100% unlikely that a USB stick that has been 100% reliable for over 5 years somehow had an issue within seconds of clicking the upgrade button...The statistical improbability... 


    There is something wrong with the update process, but hopefully other don't run into it.   

    The upgrade process is one time that a lot of writes occur to the USB drive so maybe not that unlikely.


  3. I suspect you are going to need to reformat and rewrite the flash device as it is definitely getting read errors on the Unraid server at the moment.   Doing an upgrade is the one time you do a significant amount of writing to the flash drive in normal running of Unraid.


    Before doing to make sure you have a backup of the 'config' folder from either the current flash drive or a recent backup.   Putting that back after recreating the USB drive will put back your configuration.



  4. 1 hour ago, Helmonder said:

    I did that, and indicated it.. and repeated what the advise was, and told what I did to work towards a resolution......


    What are you missing ?

    When you are asked for diagnostics it means please post the system diagnostics zip file (obtained via Tools -> Diagnostics) attached to your NEXT post.

  5. 5 hours ago, ghost82 said:


    this is not a bug of the 6.8.0 release, this is probably something related to your system.

    If you have a backup of the flash drive, simply delete everything from the flash drive and extract the zip archive of the backup into the same usb drive (not another usb drive, otherwise your license will not work), then try again to update through "update os".

    Another possibility is to download the zip file of the latest release extracting all the bz* type file onto the USB stick and then copy the saved config folder onto it.     This will fix any issues there might have been during the upgrade in writing the updated files.

  6. You might want to try downloading the zip file for the release and extracting the config/passwd and config/shadow  files and putting them on the flash drive?  I am not sure what happens when the 'shadow' file is missing and the 'passwd' file wants it to get the password.


    It is possible there is some sort of bug around this so report back on any progress.


  7. The containers always start in the order on the Docker tab.    You can drag-drop them into a different order.    The delay field is how long to wait before starting the NEXT container in the list, not the delay before starting THIS container.  

    Maybe you should provide a screen shot of your Dockers tab (with Advanced view enabled) so we can see exactly how you have these set up?



  8. 6 minutes ago, hawihoney said:

    Does that mean that I need to attach a Monitor to my headless Server just to enter the password of root during Server Boot?


    No - the boot can be (and typically is) headless.  It means you get a proper login page when you try to login to the Unraid GUI.

  9. On 6/3/2019 at 9:46 AM, dakipro said:

    Do you know perhaps what practical implications disabling IOMMU has?

    Or is it perhaps a bad thing to have it enabled since new kernel/unraid doesn't work with it?

    I read a bit on wiki, but... it is out of my scope of knowledge(/interrest).

    Disabling IOMMU means that you cannot run VMs with hardware pass-through.   You can still run VMs that do not need hardware pass-through.   Marvel controllers also seem to be prone to dropping disks offline for no discernible reason. 


    The issue seems to be a compatibility issue between the Marvel drivers and the latest Linux kernels.  The fix (if one is possible) is outside Limetech's control.   If you want to run VM's with hardware pass-through then the easiest thing to do is to stop using the Marvel controller and switch to using a LSI based one which work fine with current Linux kernels.

  10. I believe this is probably an instance of a long standing issue where once you have made any edits in XML mode then you can no longer edit that VM in form mode without potentially losing the edits made in XML mode.   I have wondered why a pop-up warning to this effect is not displayed when you try to switch back to form mode from xml mode.


    This is slightly aggravated by the fact that the toggle for xml mode is a global one and not specific to a VM.   If the underlying problem cannot be easily fixed then it would be useful if the system remembered the last edit mode used for a specific VM so that at least if you go into Edit mode then if you used XML mode you are taken straight there.

  11. 32 minutes ago, mata7 said:

    hi can someone please help me, i have a lot of folders on my /mnt/user0 , where should i move this folders to be safe for the future, thanks

    Not quite sure what you mean by this?    The /mnt/user0 location is just a view that is a sub-set of /mnt/user that omits any files/folders that are on the cache.   As such you have no files in that location that need moving.

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  12. 1 minute ago, dalben said:

    Yes, though my scripting skills aren't great but the ability to shutdown dockers and plugins before a parity check would be handy.  Though I'm assuming doing so would speed up the parity check.

    I suspect for most people this is not a major criteria as performance heavy options are probably mainly running from the cache drive which is not affected by the parity check.   There is also the fact that using the plugin to only have parity checks running increments outside prime time the parity check speed may be less critical.