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  1. I have an ASRock Z590 board and this was required for it to see my mobo and ram also. Yay, no more RGB!
  2. Was there ever a fix for the memory leak situation? I forgot to reboot the dockers for too long and it caused some headaches last night.
  3. It sounds like Maize is just not your luck so far. I have 360 plots and have farmed 20 maize since the docker was released. HDDCoin is one where i seemed to have a lot of luck at first, and now its slow. Sounds to me like your on the wrong side of luck on that one for the time.
  4. How did you get it working again? The error seems like it may be pointing to a hardware error, possibly? Need more info, largely, what did you do to get it working again.
  5. Also, what is forktools? I cant find it as an app. Is this something i should be using? haha Can anyone give me a quick explainer and/or point me to info on it? I seem to be struggling for the right search terms. Its all dinner forks or motorcycle tools. 🙂
  6. Im still a bit of a newb when it comes to unraid and all this. To clarify, i should change each of my containers (machinaris and each coin) from :latest to :develop and then also for each container manually add the environment variable "forktools_skip_build" with value "true". Is that correct? Or just on the main machinaris container should i perform those steps? And for what its worth im running with an i7-6600k on a Z170 chipset and currently 32gb (4x8gb) of missmatched ram (being replaced by 64gb (4x16gb) of matched)
  7. Reboot that container, see if it changes. Ive rebooted a couple of mine and their memory usage has dropped I rebooted cactus and it went from 2.548GiB to 1.615GiB once it completed the reboot and what not associated with said reboot. Now its sitting around 1.615 and its been a while. I rebooted flax and it went from 2.721GiB to 1.992GiB Maize, from 2.354GiB to 1.635GiB btcgreen, from 2.46GiB to 1.495GiB And then i rebooted machinaris and it went from 3.994GiB to 2.67GiB All of these were rebooted and given ample time to catch up and calm down again. There is an obvious processor utilization and rebuild sequence that you can see happen in regards to utilization before it settles back into what is essentially normal processor usage for each container. Hey @guy.davis, any idea whats going on here? I'm not saying something is broke, i dont know enough to know. But it seems something might be worth a looksee by your excellence. Something seem to be munching on memory. Do you work for a memory manufacture? is that the gig here with all this excellent work your doing? haha Let me know if there is anything i can do to help. I can hope on the discord if needed for more communication from me on helping diagnose. In the mean time, im rebooting the rest of the containers also.
  8. Well, if its a matter of chain size we should all have roughly the same docker size. These are as of 2021-12-09 at about mid day in the US. (and i did have to update one that increased while i was noting these down) Machinaris 3.994GiB Machinaris-flax 2.721GiB Machinaris-nchain 2.389GiB Machinaris-hddcoin 2.12GiB Machinaris-flora 2.061GiB Machinaris-staicoin 1.5GiB Machinaris-cactus 2.548GiB Machinaris-stor 2.36GiB Machinaris-cryptodoge 1.8GiB Machinaris-maize 2.354GiB Machinaris-btcgreen 2.46GiB Total 26.307GiB +
  9. You too huh? Placed my order last night. It seems Eth is responsible for GPUs being high priced, Chia for HDD and SSDs, and now Machinaris for memory. haha Just playing, thanks for the development, i needed an excuse to upgrade from 32gb to 64gb.
  10. And restarts are fun. Its good to space out your autostart times. Especially if you are rocking old quad core hardware like me. I dedicate 3 cores (with HT) to mining and space them out across those three. I leave the first core and HT open for the OS or other temporary uses. For example when adding a new miner i usually dedicate that first core and then also whichever one is next the order of spacing things out. Then once its synced i remove the first core and leave it at just the one.
  11. Hello Austria! Hello from the USA. 🙂 I can confirm that port 15994 is correct. I added cryptodoge to my unraid box yesterday and forgot to set up forwarding and was still able to make a connection and start syncing. I think the check port forwarding you used is broke as a link. but one you get to the page you can manually specify the port. Also, port forwarding is not required, but helps maintain existing connections. You can confirm port 15994 is correct by checking here: https://xchforks.com/cryptodoge/ You may also manually add a connection by using one of the active nodes listed on that page. To do so, go to connections, then choose the cryptodoge tab, then in the lower right click on the box to the left of the "add new connection" button and enter one of the IP addresses from the page listed above. Dont forgot to add the port on the end as the greyed out example in the box shows. "" would be a useable one at this moment.
  12. Why is the walled disabled. I want to mine doge alongside the node. Doge is tasty. Newb here, fill me in or point me to answers please.