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  1. Dang, 7 years and still not a feature yet huh? I have security camera software that is supposed to follow space restrictions but keeps dumping more than it should on the disks and filling my array. I also have other people in that house that i would like to restrict their ability to eat up the array. I am surprised this is not a feature yet, especially since it was acknowledged as a good idea 7 years ago when this was originally posted.
  2. How? I have a 1650 also and can not get it working. Log below. Note: I only want it working on the 1650. I also cant figure out how to exclude the 660 via unraid either but it seems to bypass it anyway. Or is that part of the problem? Starting T-rex miner... ============================================================ Server: stratum2+tcp://lyra2z.usa-west.nicehash.com:3365 Algorithm: lyra2z Wallet: 3MsjZ9Wr3HbQqXmwisnZcn4VYSfWTkAEYQ Worker: Mining1 ============================================================ 20210323 00:51:58 T-Rex NVIDIA GPU miner
  3. So, using that plugin VFIO PCI Config allowed me to look through the items a bit more clearly. In short, i had identified the wrong items. Checked the boxes for the correct nics and it works. *shaking head* Thanks for your time.
  4. Ill backup and then wipe the machine of dockers and what not in the morning and try again i guess. Blank template kind of thing?
  5. IOMMU: Enabled All items on their own IOMMU group, with no other items (lines) in the same group. PCIe ACS override is disabled, items were in their own IOMMU groups on their own without this setting. Installed VFIO PCI Config plugin. Checked the boxes for the NICS. Rebooted. STill not available...
  6. Also worth noting. I have home assistant with HassIO running in docker, it also installs hassio_dns and hassio_multicast. Are these somehow causing this? I have no VMS currently running. 1 onboard nic already working for normal network activity. If i didnt mention it, my end goal is to install pfsense in a VM. I am already running PFsense on dedicated hardware and will be migrating my setup to this unraid box. At this time pfsense is still on its own hardware and i am working on setting up the VM for it. I also feel like i should get this working in
  7. I am adding 2 dual port nics to my system for use in a pfSense VM. I can not get the nics to show up in "Other PCI Devices" Ive been at this for hours now and am probably missing something simple somewhere, please help me find where. 🙂 I have followed these guides: And attached are copies of my "Syslinux configuration" and whats shown for "PCI Devices and IOMMU Groups" I have tried switching PCIe ACS override and it did not help so its back at the default OFF. No matter what i can not get the nics to be seen in