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  1. I remember also having a bad time making this container to work. Oddly I managed to start it by using small caps in paths:
  2. Can you show the settings of your container?
  3. Je ne sais pas si tes problèmes sont résolus avec le SMB mais la version 6.11 de Unraid intègre la version 4.17 de SAMBA avec une augmentation des performances. A tester donc. Voici le changelog de la version 6.11 : Unraid 6.11.0 Stable Now Available Samba has also been updated to version 4.17 and we're seeing some significant performance increases. Mais les prochaines MAJ de Unraid vont également apporter une "meilleure intégration avec MacOS". Je croise les doigts pour toi
  4. Curieux de voir tes retours de benchmark. J'utilise le plugin "VM Backup" qui copie les vdisks et config XML des VMs mais dans le cas d'un disque en passthrough je ne sais pas comment il va sauvegarder le dsique de la VM... Est-ce que tu as pu tester ?
  5. Not sure you can achieve it that way since Tailscale creates a tunnel from the container itself, not the host... but I can be wrong. I guess you'll have more chance using the VPN Manager integrated into the last versions of Unraid.
  6. I had to delete and reinstall the container and it works now. Thank you🙏
  7. Strangely the DYNDNS variable seems mandatory on my setup (fresh new):
  8. Just enable 2FA on your Google account and it will be active whenever you need to log into it. It's not specific to one external app.
  9. I would suggest creating a dedicated email address for this specific use. That would limit the risk. In my case I use Microsoft authentication with 2FA when connecting to Tailscale so it's more secure. You can do it with Google too.
  10. Since this fix has been integrated to version 6.10 RC4 it is now FIXED
  11. Since version 6.10 RC... I've noticed troubles updating plugins, docker containers and OS using the GUI. I'm getting a "not available" error message each time. Same issue reported with Docker containers here :“not-available”-under-update/ The "CA Auto Update Applications" is working fine though so it was not a big deal but still, annoying. I could't find any answer on Google nor this forum so I started digging and found what seems to be the culprit. The script /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.plugin.manager/scripts/checkall implements a connectivity test trying to reach but fails to do so : ... // check connectivity first echo _("Checking connectivty")."...\n"; if (exec("wget --spider -nv -T10 -t1 2>&1|grep -o 'OK'")) { $check = popen('plugin checkall','r'); while (!feof($check)) echo fgets($check); pclose($check); } else { echo _("No response, aborting")."!\n"; } ?> Running the command below shows the error The fix is quite simple, at least for manually updating plugins through GUI: try reaching using HTTPS instead of HTTP and ignore the certificate Now we get the "OK" response which will make the script work again. Still trying to figure out where to fix the docker update through GUI...
  12. I guess you need to start the command like this : ./tailscale up...
  13. I couldn't find that information but I saw you can share a device with your Tailscale network to another user. That user will only have access to that specific device you shared. And that works with the personal free plan.
  14. Any plan on getting this container (version 0.42) updated with the last version 0.42.1 ?
  15. Hi everyone, I'm not sure this concern has been addressed here but I'm trying to understand the way Tailscale (docker/linux version) can automatically receive files from other devices. From what I've experienced so far it seems I have to open the Console of the container and type the following command, EACH time I send a file to my Unraid/Tailscale server. Seems to be a "confirmation" to allow receiving the file. ./tailscale file get . Where "." can be any directory you’d like to copy files to It's pretty annoying since I'd like to receive files without confirming each time with the above command. Did you manage to do it? FYI this behavior is not the same on Android and Windows devices as they both automatically accept the files. On Android the files go to the /Download folder On Windows the files go the your Desktop (at least if a session is opened)