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Community Answers

  1. It probably means that there are files in an unprotected Pool or Array. Your diagnostics could confirm this.
  2. It could also be a part of the SAS port, even if it is less likely.
  3. Please attach your diagnostics to your next post.
  4. This was a test run. Do it again without the -n option (no modify).
  5. Not sure if this would create this specific error, but are you sure your server has access to the internet in general and the Limetech servers in particular ? It is mandatory for the Trial version.
  6. I am sure it will be useful to have a clear view of a large quantity of users are looking for and maybe, what is a vocal minority or the silent majority. Thanks for sharing !
  7. Merci pour la précision et content que ça fonctionne.
  8. I concur, when it seems too good to be true, there is generally a reason. So one good chip, running not enough PCIe lane + 4 port multiplier (even one is not recommended) is a recipe for extremely slow performance.
  9. Click the on 'cache', then scroll down to the scrub section.
  10. Unless it is a large step down in speed, this is probably because the drives always slow down while reading the entire surface. the outer sectors are mechanically faster than the inner ones.
  11. Difficult to say without more information. Please attach your diagnostics to your next post.
  12. Dans ce cas copie uniquement ton fichier licence (par exemple pro.key) dans le dossier config de ta nouvelle clé USB. Après le boot, le système devrait te demander de lier la licence à ta nouvelle clé USB. (normalement, je ne l'ai jamais fait personnellement) Ensuite tu devras affecter les disques dans l'Array et les Pools et ils seront formatté à ce moment. Tout le reste ton ancienne config était dans le dossier /config de ton ancienne clé, si tu ne les récupères pas, tu n'auras pas de reliquats de tes essais. En cas de doute ou question, n'hésite pas.
  13. Bonjour et bienvenue sur le forum. Qu'entends-tu par Qu'est ce que tu veux conserver ou reprendre de 0 l'affectation des disques leur contenu les containers les VMs les plugins etc.
  14. Could be done with the plugin CA Backup / restore. However, the flashdrive is considered deprecated (while still operational AFAIK) in favor of the Limetech plugin My Servers. CA backup does scheduled backups. My server update the online backups in real time to Limetech's servers.
  15. Yes the image only holds the base containers. Unless some dockers are not properly configered and write their config data in the image.