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  1. 8 hours ago, ljm42 said:

    Now I'm not suggesting that die hard Plex fans need to switch to Jellyfin, I don't intend to. Just saying that the Linux drivers for the latest Intel CPU/GPUs are still in flux and for whatever reason, Jellyfin works with them and Plex does not. I do not know if a future Linux kernel will solve the problem, or if it will take an update from Plex. But I do not have high hopes for the current version of Plex doing hardware transcoding in rc2 on the latest Intel CPUs. 

    I think I remember reading that for the same base app, some containers work and other do not:

    Could also be that some container need to receive a thorough update ?

  2. 59 minutes ago, mgutt said:


    You posted a screenshot that your WD180EDFZ spins down. Now I'm on 6.9.2, too, but nothing works except of the original Ultrastar DC HC550 18TB which I'm using as my parity disk.

    I can confirm that all my HDDs do spin down and stay down properly (WD180EDFZ included).

    Here is an extract of the drives temperature from Grafana, it is an indirect but reliable visualization the the drives status. The spindown periods and spinup impulses are clearly visible. (7 days period for better visibility)


    A two day spinned down period is visible for one of my drive (between 23:30 on the 15th to 1:30 the 18th).



  3. 47 minutes ago, MacManiac said:

    ok but an unassigned drive is not an array drive but a single drive. You can use it but you have no redundancy benefits.

    You can build BTRFS or ZFS pools that would provide redundancy.

    Especially with 6.9.0 that allows several pools.