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  1. EDIT: I removed and re-added the Host Port 1 field and it's working now. Not sure what happened. My issues return. I managed to get sab working, but sonarr and radarr couldn't see it as they are routed through privoxyvpn container. I routed sab through the same container and got it working, but even though I had changed the port to 8081 (and using it) it had also taken over 8080 which stopped qbittorrent from working and being accessable. I enabled "Host access to custom networks:" and changed the network type to bridge. When navigating to I get the "this page can't be reached" error in Chrome. Can anyone assist please?
  2. Need some help please. I'm unable to change the port numbers. I've installed this docker container this afternoon but it's trying to use port 8080 which is already in use with QBittorrent. I've attempted to change 8080 to 8081 & 8090 to 8091. I've changed it in the config screen, I've removed the values in the config screen and re-added them, I've changed them in the config file and the port mapping doesn't change. The log shows a fatal error as it can't bind port 8080 and I can't access the webui. If you want logs and/or screenshots, tell me what you need. Cheers EDIT: Think I've sussed it, possibly. I had changed the container port with the host port
  3. I've followed your advice and done as suggested. The problem remains. I've even removed the second instance of Radarr. Both Radarr & Sonarr still stop themselves with 'Exited (128)'. Both Sonarr & Radarr have these 3 entries at the end of their logs.
  4. I think the SQLite errors where from me attempting to fix another issue. I removed a root folder, but was unable to remove the error of the location missing. I followed a 'fix' online which was to edit a table. I didn't edit it, only viewed it. If I reinstall the docker image, and keep the appdata, everything will remain the same yes?
  5. I've got an issue of both radarr & sonarr stopping. I haven't seen a pattern of behaviour yet. The 'uptime' column says 'Exited 128'. I've had a search but haven't found an answer yet. Radarr log (I think the SQLite errors was me attempting to fix another issue) Sonarr log Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  6. I've just bought 3 second hand HDDs. SMART looked good, so set about setting unraid up. I've filled 1/3 of one the discs and it's now reporting an error on the dashboard. Checking the attributes of that disc I get "197 Current pending sector". From my reading, this is bad. How can I fully test this, and other 2 drives? They are setup in an array, but it doesn't matter that the data is lost and I have to start again. I've been reading about 'preclear' but confused. That can pre-clear any disc that isn't part of the array. My discs are part of an array. Is preclear the way I need to go with this? If it is, I'll post in it's support thread for help. Otherwise, can anyone suggest another way?
  7. Purely to show that a default system created share shows the correct size. Whereas the one I made isn't.
  8. I removed the share and created a new one, and it's now displaying the correct volume size. Not sure what I did wrong to begin with.
  9. Super noob at this still. I have created a few shares, but they are different sizes when mapped in Windows. For example, appdata folder is showing the full size of the array. I created a Plex Movie folder to copy my movies to, but Windows is only showing it at 107GB in size. I had the 'use cache' set to yes, but has made no difference when switching this to off. I can't find any settings that are different between the two shares. Googling has found much. Thanks