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  1. From another post by itimpi today : "After using New Config then when you start the array Unraid will recognise any data drives are in Unraid format; leave their data intact; and build new parity based on the new drive set when you start the array."
  2. Thanks Ericjr- Unfortunately I don't have the 500€ for extra drives right now. Hence my request do proceed without copying/moving data. -Gn
  3. Thank you for your response. Won't there be issues with required pre-clear or something ? Besides leaving data unprotected during rebuild, is there any other risk of corrupting the array when putting drives back in ? Gwen
  4. Here is my problem, I have 2 disks in my array literally filled with a large collection of 5,7K 180°VR/360° Video footage. Lots of very high bitrate clips. Due to COVID19, the project I was working on is (hopefully temporarily) suspended because of travel bans and funding issues. I'd like to put the disks in a safe place (read: a data center fire resistant cabinet I've access to) until things get better - There is no reason for me to keep these two drives spinning for months, maybe years, in my array. These files are valuable only if the project respawns, if it ever does. They'll lose their va
  5. Hyper-V kept switching itself on for some reason. Rather than tracking issue down, I just did set up the VM without it from start. Which seems best practice anyway. --- Kind of solved for me.
  6. Thank you Decto for the detailed issue track down instructions! The issue seemed related to the USB VL805 controller. A double reboot of the VM after removing the card made it work again. I messed up in the bios and swapped PCI slots but still no joy. Since the Fresco FL1100 based card is often indicated as a working one, I followed your advice and ended up getting one on-line, delivered in less than 13h. All I had to do is run the VFIO plugin, select as passthrough PCI device and Tadaaaa ! Immediately recognized. Working with a thumb drive. Conclusion I
  7. HI All, I've been trying all day to get an entire PCI-e USB 3.0 controller passed through to an existing Windows 10 that works like a charm. I cloned it to experiment. Proceeded with the VFIO plugin as per SpaceInvader's instructions. Rebooted, got the card in a separate IOMMU group and listed in VM's PCI devices to be passed through. Enabled it in VM's config. Booted and the VM gost stuck at the TianoCore circle. I tried several things, edited XML config, rebooted so many times that my drives spin up count spiked, but no joy. The USB controller was inserted
  8. Wow 72+ views, not a single hint. Is this request so unusual. Or perhaps too obvious.
  9. Hello everybody, I'm making progress with Unraid. Up till now all works great ! I've successfully did set up multiple test VMs even with gpu passthrough ! The information is quite much spread across forums, wiki , youtube and Reddit but I find my way. What shall I do for one of the Windows 10 VM (I use it as a sandbox) to be fully isolated from the rest of my lan including unraid shares but still have it access plain internet. I'm not very much aware of network things besides ports, forwards and tunnels but I can follow instructions and do some research pret
  10. Okay. Trial and error'd it. Container is in Zulu UTC+0 Time zone. Let's see if it is truly Zulu and doesn't observe DST or not
  11. Thank you for the Torrent IP check site. Config working properly it seems. Great performance of this docker. Somhow faster than BinHex's. Flags don't appear in the 'Country' column though. Weird. Someone ? Another question in the meanwhile. The scheduler gives me issues. I'm under the impression the docker doesn't inherit server time zone. There is an offset between the Server time and that of the docker. How could I check this ? Thank you.
  12. Hello. First of all, thank you for the great container. I love it, setup was a breeze. I've two questions: - How can I check the VPN IP address the container got assigned with? (I get way too good performance with PIA and want to check it) - Is there a way to have country flags next to the IP addresses in the qBittorrent WebGUI? Thank you !
  13. Same here. Could someone give a helping hand ? Thank you 🙂