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  1. Thank you @1812, @AnnabellaRenee87, and @CHBMB for all your work on this. I have a ProLiant ML350e Gen8 that I wanted to pass through a 1050ti for extra gaming PC. I would never have gotten this far. Thanks again for all the work!
  2. How long does it typically stay that way? It has been a couple days for a 5 gb file. The downloads folder shows a good and usable file extension. If it stays that way, do you know where I might look to find more information inside my setup to figure out what happened? Thanks
  3. I feel that I am a bit unorthodox in that I am using your container in conjunction with Radarr and Sonarr to download to an unassigned device mapped in UnRaid with the slave RW mount. I am getting the files downloaded but seem to have the partial~ extension on the files where I have my Plex data already located. Perhaps I don't understand fully what I am supposed to be doing, or I am oversimplifying this. I would like to see if anyone here can point me in the right direction to correct my malfunction. Screenshot of my volume mappings specifically