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  1. I noticed that it used to get stuck with mover running Might not be the real fix but these are steps I followed: 1. Run docker safe new permissions 2. Manually invoke mover This seems to have stopped the WebGUI crashing when mover auto kicks in
  2. The WebGUI would randomly not be reachable on rc1. A poweroff/reboot via the terminal would hang, resulting in me having to manually power cycle the server Updated to rc2 yesterday. Now when i try to open the webGUI, i get a 500 Internal Server Error nginx Tried to run diagnostics via ssh, but it got stuck. Don't think it's planning to finish today edit: I'm able to access all docker containers. Wireguard plugin is working too, able to access the containers via VPN. Can't really verify anything else at this point
  3. Version: 6.9.0-beta25 Array is stopped, been trying to set the minimum free space for the cache drive to 20GB (or any non-zero value really), but whenever i click apply, the value reverts back to zero. I've attached diagnostics if that helps
  4. So it works in the latest beta - but I think it’s causing the system to lock up after extended use. Wasn’t able to diagnose this as an NIC issue but stress testing the RAM and CPU gave no errors so I’m beginning to think the Realtek NIC/drivers may have some problem i was able to get the Intel NIC working once unraid booted up, so I’m currently using that.
  5. Yeah been running it in headless mode for a few hours now with all dockers stopped. One of my disks is getting cleared to be added to the array, I'll wait for that to finish and see if it crashes again. Assuming docker is causing this - any suggested way of finding out which docker containers could potentially be causing this issue? Other than turning them on one at a time for a few hour stretches?
  6. This is a new build, still setting up disks and stuff. The server becomes completely responsive after a while - can't access via webGUI/ssh or via terminal through a HDMI screen. I've attached the syslog tail till the crash (got it by enabling dump to flash), and the diagnostics dump from the boot right after the crash. Any help would be appreciated P.S: On the beta cause my NIC needs the Realtek driver that was added in the latest beta normandy-diagnostics-20200712-2154.zipsyslog_tail.txt
  7. New build. Similar issue. Using a new H470 motherboard: It has 2 NICs: An Intel I219V, and a Realtek RTL8125BG I was able to successfully disable the realtek NIC in BIOS, but Unraid would not pickup the Intel NIC while booting up. Tried disabling bridge and bond mode, but would be greeted with something along the lines of "eth0 not found" The Realtek NIC is working now in the latest beta, but I'm not sure why the Intel one wasn't getting picked up. I'd rather start adding data to my array on a stable version