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  1. I also rebooted my unraid box. It may have been something hung there as it was not working before the reboot as well. Very strange, in the logs the vpn shows its connected and no errors. Will make a new post with more info if it ever happens again.
  2. Mine seemed to start working today as well, its been broken for days on my system.
  3. Not sure what happened but randomly my privoxy stopped working. I've tried to force update the container and it still is giving errors. What could be stopping privoxy from starting?
  4. @JorgeB got it, thanks! I totally missed the checkbox, it needs to be bigger! haha
  5. ran the command and now cache is showing as I am following your faq post @JorgeB on the process. I'm trying to remove the 2nd cache drive, but when I set it as unassigned I cannot start the array to perform the balance down.
  6. @JorgeB how do I balance it to single then? Is there a command I need to use directly in terminal?
  7. @itimpiit shows two devices in pool and when I go to convert here, it pipes out that error when trying to setup a single
  8. When I try to convert to single mode, I get this error in console:
  9. Looks like i'm getting a error trying to convert: balance: invalid convert data profile raid1 mover wont run as well. attached is my diagnostic logtower-diagnostics-20201211-1445.zip
  10. My system is doing some strange stuff. my cache array is now showing 250gb instead of 500gb. I tried to convert to raid 1, but its doing nothing. I trying a full balance now, then will try to convert to raid 1. I tried following the guide before and when I removed the cache drive, it would not let me start the array since there was not a 2nd cache disk assigned. My cache is showing as: Data, DUP: total=165.00GiB, used=164.59GiB System, DUP: total=32.00MiB, used=48.00KiB Metadata, DUP: total=1.00GiB, used=615.00MiB GlobalReserve, single: total=224.03MiB, used=0.00B
  11. Somehow its now a raid 0, i guess i just need to clear all cache drives and re-add a single one. Whats the best process for this? I already have appdata backed up, but whats the best practice for the system folder? change cache form prefer to no?
  12. I have been going through forum links but they are all dated from a few years ago and the guides are not working. I am trying to remove 1 cache drive from a 2 drive cache pool. when i stop the array, remove the drive, it wont let me start it back up with 1 drive.