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  1. Hi, All of a sudden I've noticed that my system resources are routinely pegging at 100% and in the sys log file the below error shows up all over the place; For reference, I've literally done nothing to my server of late. Been using Emby and Sabnzbdvpn has been downloading, that's about it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I currently use rsync to backup important data/photos etc to my Google Drive. I wish to move away from Google completely. I have recently tried several alternative cloud solutions and settled on Tresorit. My question is, can I link my unRaid sever to my Tresorit account in anyway other than via a VM? Many thanks.
  3. Cheers mate. 👍🏻
  4. Hi, I had a look around and it would appear that I need to request here to change my username? If so can I please request to change it to; BeardedNoir Many thanks.
  5. Hi, Restarted the container and system however no luck, I've even gone back over my config file but it still keeps asking for my YubiKey. { "domain": "https://REDACTED", "disable_icon_download": false, "signups_allowed": false, "signups_verify": false, "signups_verify_resend_time": 3600, "signups_verify_resend_limit": 6, "invitations_allowed": true, "password_iterations": 100000, "show_password_hint": true, "admin_token": "REDACTED", "invitation_org_name": "Bitwarden_RS", "ip_header": "X-Real-IP", "icon_cache_ttl": 2592000, "icon_cache_negtt
  6. Hi, I've decided to remove the requirement for my YubiKey when I access my instance. I have removed the YUBICO_CLIENT_ID: & YUBICO_SECRET_KEY: lines from the template and also disabled the option on the admin page. I have cleared the browser cache and even tried another browser however I keep being asked for the key. The option is also disabled in the config file.
  7. Thanks for your help. After changing the endpoint from UK-Manchester to UK-London, the error unfortunately persisted. A quick delete of the wg0.conf file and allowing Sabnzbdvpn to regenerate it has corrected the problem though. Many thanks.
  8. Hi, Long time Sabnzbdvpn user with PIA Wireguard. Just logged in down and noticed the below error in the logs and the GUI won't load; 2021-04-01 03:23:32,210 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: [warn] Unable to successfully download PIA json to generate token from URL '' [info] Retrying in 10 secs... 2021-04-01 03:23:42,233 DEBG 'start-script' stderr output: parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 4, column 0 Nothing has changed and it was happily downloading when I last checked around six hours ago. I can't find
  9. Hi, I have recently noticed the below error appearing in my logs, sometimes it just cycles continuously and can put the system under a heavy load; For reference I have two NVIDIA cards, a 3090 (passthrough for Windows VM) and a 760 which I want to use for Emby transcoding. The 3090 is setup with the VM no problem, however the 760 is not being detected by the NVIDIA plugin; Below is a screenshot of my system devices; Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi, Many thanks for taking the time to reply. To be honest, the only reason I used the q35-5.0 was because of the online guide I used recommended it, I'll have to dig it out. I really don't know the difference between them. I've deleted and recreated the VM several times and all of a sudden its started up with no errors displayed. I can only assume that the motherboard replacement left some gremlins in the system that needed to be flushed out. Its unfortunate that I haven't been able to learn from incident, however I'm just happy that it's all working now
  11. Hello all, I have exhausted all my efforts in creating a Windows VM and kindly ask if anyone could stear me in the right direction. The VM was working on my previous motherboard (MSI Godlike) however due to separate issues, I replaced it with a Gigabyte Motherboard which has worked right out of the box. My issue however is that when I tried to launch my VM, it threw up a "USB error". After several attempts to get it working, I gave up, deleted the VM and started again. The VM now appears to start (as it says "running"), however I get a blank screen and th
  12. Just what I wanted to hear! Many thanks, I'll get it ordered now.
  13. Hello all, I have just returned my MSI Godlike Z490 motherboard due to damaged audio capacitors and its inability to autoboot UNRAID. To top it off, I was far from impressed with MSI's customer service so will be stearing clear of them from now on. Can I ask for people's suggestions for a replacement so I can get it ordered quickly please. I need an Lga 1200 model, space for two M.2 devices, ATX form factor and around the £200-300 price mark. I was looking at something like the following, but want to ensure from feedback here that the chosen
  14. I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that, if it is then I'm not aware of it.
  15. Hi, Unfortunately not, however I do prefer the simplicity of NPM. If Fail2ban is ever implemented, it would top of an already excellent program.