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  1. Last chance bump, this seems like it would be a common problem but I've struggled to find a solution
  2. I have a PC on my home network with a disk mounted using the Unassigned Devices plugin. Duplicati runs a backup job each day, but it fails if the PC is sleeping, which it usually is. Is there a way for my Unraid server to wake this PC when the mounted disk is used? Cheers
  3. Dang I was hoping this would be solved somewhere, I've posted here and it seems similar.
  4. One-time bump, not sure if it's allowed.
  5. After following up some problem, I now can't start the Docker service. Firstly I was adding a new docker, but it failed because of a read error. I checked system logs, saw a bunch of "BTRFS error (device loop2): parent transid verify failed" errors. I tried to stop the array but it never finished the process, I tried to safe reboot but it wouldn't so I pulled the power. After rebooting, eventually searching the forums led me to delete the Docker image When I turn the Enable Docker again, the page just loads forever. Refreshing the page shows that Doc
  6. Hi, thanks. I reseated the power and Sata plugs. When I powered on the drive said Unmountable so I did xfs_repair -v /dev/md1 and now it seems to be working fine. Here's the latest diagnostic in case it matters, cheers!
  7. I've repurposed an old PC recently with a brand new IronWolf Pro disk and unraid. When I checked the webGUI this morning I saw this notification about 1 write error, checked the system log and saw a lot of errors I didn't understand. The shares aren't visible in the webgui, the shares are displayed on the network but I can't view inside them. A day ago I had a similar popup while copying ~20gbs to the server. My log was at 100%, binhex-minecraftbedrockserver wasn't starting up correctly, and my shares stopped being visible on the network or in the webgui. I did a extend