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  1. Ok, i'll look into further in bios when this transfer finishes 4 days from now. thanks
  2. I read the definition of highwater - so it seems to be working correctly. Is this safer/better/faster/etc. than the "most-free" option?
  3. Yes, I can see it in BIOS. At least the last time i was in BIOS... I have a long running copy happening right now so I can't reboot to check again. But i saw it in bios multiple times before I got Unraid installed.
  4. Bellow is the current status of my new raid array. I have a share named `storage` and i'm currently rsyncing data from an older FreeNAS machine into the `/mnt/user/storage` to copy all of the data to the new Unraid machine. I'm hoping that that's an ok way to transfer the data from another machine to Unraid - i assumed that `/mnt/user` mount was where the array was mounted. But upon looking at the image below you can see that most (all?) of the data is on the first disk. Is this normal? Will it get spread around later? Is this not how I should be transfering data?
  5. I swear the first time I booted I saw it - and i tried to configure it to be the cache drive but something weird happened (I don't think the array was up yet, i hadn't even added disks to it). Anyway, I can't even find it in lspci or nvme. I've attached my diagnostics zip file. The NVME drive manufacturer is micron, MCRN 2200, 1TB M.2 NVME CK1AT1AABYY.
  6. I have the following network card in my server (along side the two 1Gb ports on the motherboard): Intel X710-T2L 2-Port 10Gbe I'd really like to use this (I do have some 10Gb stuff on the network) but I'm new to Unraid and unsure on how to install this driver/kernel module. Can anyone help?
  7. First time Unraid user here. I'd rather not run Unraid from a USB drive. I bought an NVME specifically for it to run on (with 12 "regular" HDs for storage). Is there a way to install Unraid onto an nvme drive and have it run from there?