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  1. i have a Qnap nas and i want somthing like this in unraid :D
    its dansih within xx min and xx failed attempts then ban for xx number of times or lifetime :D
    and opportunity to limeted to ex "Danmark" ip's so no from other country can Access my server


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  2. Hi
    I pages with my world cup manager
    in gui I can not update my vms with new settings but with xml editing I can well?
    some who know something

    eg more mem or other pin on cpu or something like that

  3. plugin: installing:
    plugin: downloading
    plugin: downloading: ... failed (Network failure)
    plugin: wget: download failure (Network failure)

    Updating Support Links

    Finished Installing. If the DONE button did not appear, then you will need to click the red X in the top right corner

    how do i fix that ?