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  1. I have attached a ping log for the server.... the first ping is from before I rebooted the server (whilst the file was taking forever to copy I wanted to check the ping response time).....After I rebooted... I performed the subsequent pings.... as you can see....after the reboot the ping response was terrible.... Any idea why this wold be ? Thanks
  2. 🙂 I have only one docker ap installed (Plex) I deleted this....but there is no real difference to the transfer speed....I am right now waiting for this file transfer to complete... then I will reboot the unraid server...( ??).......maybe ... 🙂
  3. Hi..... Since I performed the parity swap my file transfer (write) to the unraid is painfully slow (700 kB/s). In addition I am experiencing frequent buffering when playing media files from my nVidia media player. Nothing else has changed to my setup Previously i enjoyed multi MB/s. Is there something else I should have done ? Attached is my diagnostic log. supernova-diagnostics-20190110-2204.zip Thanks again in advance.
  4. Hurray !!!!! 🙂 It worked .... all that trepidation about nothing !!!!! FYI. I did exactly what you said to do.... removed plugins (none of which i use anyway) Rebooted (already had a recent copy of th flashdrive). Inserted the link into the plugins (https://s3.amazonaws.com/dnld.lime-technology.com/stable/unRAIDServer.plg) Executed Rebooted Hay viola !! [ 🙂 - i know ;-)... ] Brilliant. Very happy. Thanks very much to both of you.
  5. To recap on where I am... Situation: I am running version 6.1.9 I have the WEBGUI accessible I have access to the Unraid mapped drives via explorer I want to upgrade to the latest version As per the previous post the repository for the 6.1.x upgrade is not available. I read through the links.... I don't see the solution in the posts / links What do I do now ? I am trying....
  6. Wow.... this looks ike work..... 🙂 So... as I said right now connectivity to the drives is down.... .... Was this caused by the attempt to upgrade ? - if so shoud I restore the copy I took of the flashdive immediately prior to the upgrade attempt ? - would a hard reboot do anything to help ? ===UPDATE / EDIT : I ust rebooted... i have the webgui back ... through my phone browser... So... I will work through the instructions.. Thanks for your help in advance
  7. Hi, I am trying to upgrade from v6.1 I followed the instructions Copied the target url. However the following is the log message that is returned.... [ i do not know if it is worth mentioning.... have been eperiencing long delays in the rendering of the web pages... I had hoped that upgrading wold solve this probem...] Edit: I ujst checked... i am unable to hit the server from my windows explorer Pinging the server gives this
  8. The copy is complete. I am now at the final stage; it is expanding the parity from 3 to 4 TB and then will perform the rebuild. It says that it will take 9 hours 42 mins. Fingers crossed !
  9. If you are asking why I did not sort this sooner. ...just broke for christmas.... 🙂...been really busy at work. Wanted to get my mind focused on this before I took the plunge.... If on the other hand you are asking how did I address my uncertainty.... I followed the instructions...i had just been uncertain as to what would happen once I powered up having put in the new drive..... ? would the unraid system not give me a chance to assign the drive and then just go ahead and replace the failed drive .... But I just followed the instructions... and surprise surprise..... it worked..... at least right now it is doing what it said on the tin... .rebuilding the parity... Again thanks.
  10. Hi, PLEASE IGNORE THE MESSAGE BELOW..... I decided to go with the supposed ethos of Henry V concerning "Faint Hearts and Pigs..." I was being over-cautious. Regardless, thanks for your great support as ever... ======= Apologies for the delay... I am now ready to rock....but I have a bit of uncertainty.... I aborted........ I am performing the parity swap procedure; in the instructions it says "IMPORTANT!!! This procedure REQUIRES that the data drive being replaced MUST be disabled first. If the drive failed (has a red ball), then it is already 'disabled', ...... I hate to be pedantic/paranoid... but I don't want to make a mistake here.... There is NO RED ball there is a RED X..... I am CONCERNED THAT when I restart as per below... the new drive will be auto assigned to Disk 3... with adverse cosequeces.....(there is no option to unassign it and I can't power up withot the array coming back onlie)). As per the screen shot below, I have removed the failed drive.... I stopped the array... and am about to: power down... put the new drive into the old slot.... then power on again - QUESTION: won't the new drive now get auto assigned to Disk 3 ?? stop the array again assign the parity drive Just give me some comfort here....thanks.
  11. ok. thanks very much for the link. I will get on to it tomorrow when my head is clear. Please 'scuse my poor terminology. Again, I very much appreciate your most excellent help and swift response (as ever !).
  12. Hi, I have been a little tardy... A couple of months back, a drive failed. I took the option (I forget what it was...)... to let the parity drive emulate the failed (rebuild ?). I have now managed to afford a new drive as a replacement. So, the current situation is that the Parity drive is standing in for the failed drive ? The array is unprotected. So, how do I get things back into order ? I hsve tried my best to describe the situation as below I have attached the diagnostic and a screenshot of my Main page. The Drive that failed was a WD Red 3TB My new drive is a WD Red 4TB I only have 4 drive slots Presumably I should 1. remove the failed drive from its slot 2. plug in the new drive to that slot 3. perform a pre-clear on the new drive X 3 4. ?? presumably the old parity now becomes the actual replacement for the failed drive ?? 5. ?? presumably the new drive becomes the new parity?? if so, how do I effect 4 and 5 above Your help is much appreciated. supernova-diagnostics-20181210-2102.zip
  13. Hi, I connected my PC to my network via Cat 5e cable (Cat 5e to TP-Link Switch to UNRAID ). I performed a "LAN Speed Test" Results: Write: 535 Mbps Read:930 Mbps When I copy a file in either direction (PC to UNRAID or UNRAID to PC) via Windows copy: 113 MB/s Is this pretty much the best I can hope for. (I think it is pretty good!) ?
  14. Thanks for the replies. Yes, I meant the USB port on the router. I performed a test on the LAN. From this PC to the UNRAID over wireless, Totusoft LAN speed test gave me a speed result of 60 write and 40 read (Mbps). A File file copying from UNRAID files to this PC according to microsoft, is being conducted at a speed of 6 MB/s (times 8=48 Mbps). Close enough. When I ping the server, I get a round trip of around 94ms. I guess that is not good ?
  15. Hi, This question is not absolutely directly related to UNRAID. However, you guys know this stuff the best. I have UNRAID Plus running Version 6.1.9. I really like UNRAID and have been running in for more than 5 years now. Very happy. In Writing to UNRAID the speed is not mind blowing. And that is perfectly fine. I use UNRAID mostly as a media file server for my Home entertainment. Also for my documents and photo's. I only have 4 slots on my UNRAID mobo, all used up. (parity +3). I don't want to mess around with Cache drives and adding one will mean purchasing more hardware to accomodate it. I am considering the following course of action: Retain all my older movies, shows, documents on UNRAID. Employ a new device/system to store most Recent / Current files Periodically copy this category of files to my UNRAID The upshot would be that UNRAID acts as my secure data storage backup and "older media files" server. Whilst the other 'system' would receive and serve the newest files at maximum possible speed. Setup: I have an ONHUB router running wireless AC. Wired connection to 5 port TPlink switch Wired connection to UNRAID Philips Hue + Smartthings Hub All other devices are wirelessly connected to the router My devices are 3 windows PC's 2 Nexus players 1 Nvidia Shield Media player Question: How should i serve files the very fastest ? Should I get a device to attach to the router via USB ? What is best ? Thanks.