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  1. I've run some one-off containers from the command line that are auto-named by docker. Even after removing the container or using the --rm option they still show up in the notification of auto-updated containers. I've done a little looking but I'm unable to figure out how they're getting included in the notifications. Any idea how I can fix this?
  2. Consideration: I decided to set up a VM instead of using's Unraid Nvidia plugin for a few reasons. I was concerned that using a 3rd party Unraid distro could cause instability or interfere with Unraid's filesystem and parity. It is also recommended by that you should use a single GPU for transcoding as any interruption could cause system instability. Since I wouldn't be able to take advantage of using the GPU in multiple containers it was another reason for me to avoid Unraid Nvidia. Finally hardware transcoding is sensitive to Plex Media Server version and N