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  1. Issue seems to have been resolved. Stable for 48 hours. And shut it down to move back to it's usual place and been up for 26hrs now Thank you all
  2. So I have now Disabled Cool-n-quiet & C-States in my BIOS. Will see if that makes a difference today.
  3. Only error just now was: Nov 18 20:14:54 Tower crond[2122]: exit status 1 from user root /usr/local/sbin/mover &> /dev/null Full Log from SSH: Going to run a memtest overnight as it has crashed close enough to bed time to be feasable.
  4. Have tried stopping all containers after starting the array but still seemed to crash within a matter of hours. Will try the safe mode after the next crash (along with posting full SSH log once it happens). Also it could be that I turned off CPU Pinning on my Docker containers so have set them back up so no container can hog the entire CPU just in case.
  5. My UnRaid server was stable for over 100 days without issue but in the last 10+ days it has been becoming unresponsive on the webUI / windows explorer (necessetating a hard reset) so I brought it upstairs and have it plugged into a monitor and keyboard but when it hangs the keyboard no longer sends input (num lock even turns off) thereby forcing more hard resets. I am now resorting to SSH-ing in from my PC (using tail -f /var/log/syslog) in the hopes I get something that could explain the issue... (will post whatever comes out when it next locks up). Currently all I can see is "kernel reports TIME_ERROR: 0x41: Clock Unsynchronized" (not yet locked up but seen a few times recently prior to lock ups) so have followed instructions at the following thread to no avail. These are what I get when telling it to update time which shows it is only very slightly out of sync... I am now at my wits end as not sure what could have changed. I don't run any VMs. Have a handful of Docker images running (including Plex & Transmission). Specs: Ryzen 1700X (8-core @ 3400 MHz) 16 GiB DDR4 @ 2400 MHz (2 sticks of 8 Model CT8G4DFS824A.C8FAD1) Gigabyte B450M DS3H-CF (Bios version F50 - Dated: 2019-Nov-27) Onboard gigabit Ethernet + Aquantia AQC108 5 gigabit RX 550 Graphics Card Drives: 4x 8TB (one is the Parity drive) 1x 6TB 1x 4TB 2x 240GB Sata SSD (cache drives) 32GB USB3 Flash Drive as boot drive