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  1. i'm running organizr with unraid

    successfully set up reverse proxy and i can access speedtest tracker no issue through organizr with reverse proxy in iframe

    but i'm getting refused to connect when trying to access locally in orgaznir iframe. anyone know what i'm doing wrong?


    thank you

  2. On 10/27/2021 at 3:17 AM, hugenbdd said:

    Yes I believe it's safe to rename the file with the correct case.

    You should make a backup of the file and store it somewhere else just in case though.


    FYI - This directory will list the files/shares.

    cd /boot/config/shares


    thank you very sir. i was able to make the changes. it detects the correct folder now.


    also, if you dont mind, do you know how i can use the user script so that i can close qbitorrent before the mover start and open qbitorrent after the mover ends. i tried it, and it doesnt seem to work. any advice would be awesome.


    i added this into the mover tuning before and after mover start script




    some screenshot of the settings.


    unraid 1.PNG

    unraid 2.PNG

    unraid 3.PNG

  3. On 9/28/2021 at 11:39 PM, polishprocessors said:

    Actually I had renamed my Media folder to media but it shows up in /boot/config/shares as Media.cfg

    Think it’s safe to rename that to media.cfg ?


    hi there. sorry to intrude. i think i'm having the same problem. i previously rename my share from Data to data, and now mover tuning detects Data. normal mover works without issue.


    were you able to rename the file?

    if so, would you mind guide me on how to do it. pretty noob when using the command line.

    thank you in advance.

  4. hi there.


    my servers is showing an error "not connected to mothership"

    what i tried so far but still unsuccessful:

    rebooted the server

    re-install the my servers plugin

    tried unraid-api restart


    in settings remote access is enabled and port forwarding show it is able to access from outside.


    dubugging shows this


    libvirt: No changes detected.
    libvirt: No changes detected.
    libvirt: No changes detected.


    anything else i could do to resolve this?

    thank you



    resolved after another reboot. false alarm. thanks

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  5. i'm having issue with remote access. if i press the check button under unraid.net settigns, it says your server is now reachable from the internet, however i'm still getting the triangle error your server is not connected to the mothership.


    the first time i installed it was working fine. i just notice this happen today.



    it seems remote access is working at the moment. forum the unraid website it says online but i'm still getting the error your server is not connected to the mothership


    Edit edit:

    Ok nevermind. It went offline again. 


    What I've tried:

    Changing the port

    Restart the api

    Stop api, wait 10mins, start api

    Delete and re-install the plugin

    Sign out and sign in


    Everytime I try something it seems it works for few mins then back offline. 


    It is pretty new and I know it will improve more as time goes on. I'll just wait for now. 


    Also thanks for the plug in! Having the flash backup online was something I was hoping. 

  6. On 1/4/2021 at 4:56 AM, CorneliousJD said:

    I'm tight on time right now but hope this helps. If not let me know - can work to gather more info later.



    Primary domain.com setup in NPM which hosts Organizr -- this should be perfectly straight forward.



    Next is custom locations. - first part is for organizr auth - you can ignore this part if you don't want it, and focus on the /web part at the bottom.

    NOTE the HTTPS part on my /web -- I needed this to get it to work correctly, and it HAD to be /web too, /plex didn't work for me here at all.




    Organizr SSO settings.



    Media/Plex tab settings.




    Happy to try and help more if this doesn't do it for you - but replicate this exactly first and if it's still erroring out let me know. 




    I finally manage to get back to this and happy to say it works now thanks to you. i really appreciate it!

    thanks so much!

  7. On 12/23/2020 at 4:55 AM, CorneliousJD said:

    So I did PM you but ended up plugging away at this today and I got it...


    I updated NPM's GitHub issue #40 about this.



    In short, /plex sitll woudn't work for me, but adding /web DID work.

    I think it's because the way the plex container expects /web at the end of everything that it worked like this, but regardless, it allows me to fix my issue!

    I now have Organizr setup with Plex OAuth, SSO across Plex, Ombi, Tautulli, and "watch on plex" buttons working, all via NPM :)
    hope this comment helps someone else in the future!




    hi there.


    could you show me exactly how you were able to get it work?

    i did the location to /web and it it still prompt me to log in in plex in organizr


  8. 21 minutes ago, ich777 said:

    No problem, the container fixes all permissions on every restart. :)


    This is a real tricky question, you can setup Wireguard in Unraid and connect to it via SSH and then manage it (there are many other ways to connect to your server from 'outside').

    I don't know much about managing it, I think the Ark Server Manager is only for Windows and will not work with Linux.

    Eventually @Cyd can help, he is here the Ark expert. :)

    i already have wireguard running. but the idea giving the full access via wireguard is kinda sketchy haha.


    @Cyd Any help would be  great. If not, there's nothing much i can do but to edit it manually myself whenever they request something.


    thank you again! really appreciate it

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  9. 11 hours ago, ich777 said:

    Restart the server and it should be editable if not you can use the App 'CA Config Editor' from the CA App to edit it.

    oh gosh! that solved it! pretty dumb i didnt do the simplest troubleshoot first.


    btw, one more question.

    is there a way to have the game serve settings be remote accessed? i previously had few friends managing it via a vm using ark server manager.

    or is there a way i can implement ark server manager into this? i rather use a docker since it uses much less resources than a VM.


    thank you!

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  10. Hi There,


    I'm pretty new and noob with this. I was able to get the server running and able to get people from outside to join my game.

    On windows i'm able to edit the server settings using something like ark server manager software, and manually edit the file.

    how do it edit it in unraid? I was able to find the gameserversettings.ini in appdata, but i'm not able to edit it. i'm accessing from my windows pc smb folder. it says something about permission issue.  or is there an easier way to do this? or some in game command.

    i'm sorry, trying to learn more about all this. thank you so much for anyone able to help or point me to a guide that i can follow from start.