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  1. Hi, New to this, but would very much like to have my PIA account connected to Transmission. But I can not get it to work. Read many treads, but no luck. Probably missed the solution somewhere reading many treads I´m not an experienced docker-user. I use my unraid for plex and transmission I have "only" downloaded the docker, put my user and password to PIA there, and changed the IP from 192.168.0.* to 192.168.10.* And also downloaded the openvpn file from PIA and replace it with openvpn.ovpn in /mnt/user/appdata/active-transmissionvpn/openvpn/
  2. Hi, I have a 6.4.0 server and run the "fix common problems" plugin. It gave me an error: "Call traces found on your server" It said to run diagnostics and post it here :) Hope someone could direct me to what might be wrong. Thank you very much.
  3. Hi, Found this fine app, but can't run it. Can someone point me in the direction to give the app more memory? I have 8 GIG installed.
  4. Hi, just migrated to unraid 6.3.2 after been on 5.0.5 for a very long time Trying to add this Plex docker, but when adding (from first post) to the list of Template repositories, I do not get any new Plex mediaservers, just the default from LimeTech (who aparently do not update plex any more) Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you
  5. Hi, Sorry for asking, but as a unRaid 5 user, I read on the limetech homepage that with unRaid 6 the CrashPlan can backup itself (to the cloud I guess) when running on the server? Is there any differcence running CrashPlan on unRaid 5 vs 6? Because when I did this on my server, I could not get it to backup the backup-files/dirs from my other computers, that landed on the unRaid server? Or do I misunderstood something? Or is the text here mean that when running a backup to a "friends computer" it also do a backup of the backup files/dirs?
  6. Hi lionelhutz, I did enclose a picture. But I be glad to list or print anything more. Regarding structure I have no opinion on where files is put. I just want to make the most of the space I have. I guess my server will not exceed the number of disks in the plus license, and therefor I think I'll manage to keep track of everything regardless of the drives any directory is split between. I only use Plex to view films and series and as long as the share is set in Plex it don't "care" how many drives or directories it is split between
  7. When using the server for my needs, music, film etc, is split-level 2 the right one? Just put in an order for a 2TB parity disk, because I will also use my server for backup when it is installed.
  8. I tried to make some new shares, moving things there, but nothing is chaning regarding free space. I made TV series2 in adition to my already TV series. Then I made the move within console to the new dir, set up with 10 GB free space, and "most-free". But nothing changed... Any idea how I can "fix" this? I do not want this to happen in the future
  9. Hi, 5.0.5 plus. 4 disks, 500GB, 250GB, 160GB + 90GB SSD cache drive (Built with "leftovers") Planing to buy a 1-2TB parity before upgrading the other disks. Got an error in my Transmission today, that disk was full. Found my disk1 was filled to the max. I read somewhere that it was recomended to run Transmission with a download dir to just one single disk, so I used /mnt/user/disk1/download untill now. When things was ready d/l I moved it to the propper dir, normally TV series and Films to use with my Plex. This share is across all disks. After going over all shares, chan
  10. Hi, I wonder if anyone can tell me if this looks ok? It say I have 8 gig ram, but only use 4? And of this it uses 97% I have a 5.0.5 plus, running just Plex server on it. This picture is taken when noone is streaming.
  11. Than you for your quick reply. After I rebooted my server, to see if that did the trick (before I see this) I lost webgui and ftp. I just got telnet... So trying to get my server up and running first
  12. Can someone give me a copy command, so I can copy the syslog to the flash, and then post it here? I tried to google this, but all commands I found is not working for me.
  13. Hi, After trying to install Deluge on my 5.0.5 plus server, it did not work. After trying a reboot, I lost webgui, but got ftp and telnet. Now, after an other reboot, I only have telnet (and fysical screen on my server) Any hint? I'm lost here...