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  1. Thanks Mason, this apps works well and is a good addition to sonarr / radarr
  2. Hi, i posted a solution for that on the - Jackett thread I think it should solve your issue
  3. not yet (still considered as a beta). The developer speaks also about integrating it in Jackett in the future but for now, it worls on standalone
  4. Actually when i look at the github, mine is the last stable version
  5. Mine is v0.17.64; it should explain your issue
  6. Hi Guys, You probably noticed that a lot of trackers activated cloudflare. As a consequence, they didn't work anymore with Jackett. Fortunately, the developer of Jackett developped an app called FlareSolverr that fix this issue perfectly. To implement it, it's quite easy: Go to apps, look for FlareSolverr on Github I setup it like that: and then in jacket just add it like this: It works fine for me and should work with other jackett containers.