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  1. Worked for me with xx:2202/ubooquity/opds-comics/ but from what I can tell the Kuboo app is just awful and you have to force close it when changing server to get it to refresh. Even when adding multiple directories (books & comics for instance) you still have to manually switch your active server and do this force close nonsense - pretty lame. Once you get past that, it's decent.
  2. What are the known issues? What can be done safely? Reading the most recent comments, this seems to have compatibility issues with the 6.10.0-rc1 version? Any way to view the progress as it's backing up?
  3. Yup that one worked for me. Also used the Emby docker (official) and used the same Device passthrough /dev/dri - select VAAPI in server config. Both worked great for me. Using a 5700G. Tried with official Plex docker and that was a failure.
  4. I have an AMD APU that I can pass through to Jellyfin or Emby docker containers but it seems like I cannot pass it through to both at once. Can anyone else confirm if this is supposed to work or if it's possible to share the same GPU with multiple docker containers for hardware acceleration?
  5. Might be a nice addition to default these values (at least specifying the Network interface as tun0):
  6. Gotcha - thanks for the reminder - it was probably the audio. Yeah the 2 discrete GPUs are bound to VFIO (still can't get passthrough working for them but they are bound anyway). Ok cool, good to know how that would manifest otherwise, thanks!
  7. Yes I did read that and installed & set that up. At first there was huge CPU usage which could have just been something else... and very minimal GPU usage but then the CPU usage settled after a while and the GPU usage continued low. Looks like it's working great 👍 Was hoping Jellyfin may be more definitive on it's own (I am using hardware vs software for instance). I do actually have 3 AMD GPUs plugged into this system (one integrated, two discrete) I don't suppose /dev/dri specifies one over another or if maybe just the primary is selected?
  8. Yes indeed - at first I was unable to log in to your container perhaps because I already had the binhex container. Seems like it was a port conflict and changing the port allowed it to work. Dumb question... but how can I differentiate between cpu & gpu transcode?
  9. I am not sure how to check but the binhex jellyfin docker does not work with the device passthrough as such. Probably missing the sufficient mesa version?: Seems like AMF may be on the horizon for support here but maybe not until it's available through the open source amdgpu driver module.
  10. Noticed there's an AMD AMF option for transcoding - is that usable on certain hardware?
  11. Yes I am on 6.10.0-rc1 - does that mean I don't need to add the modprobe line to the /boot/config/go file? If I add the same parameter as is in your docker config to other docker containers (Device with value /dev/dri ) that will allow the other containers to use the hardware? (I guess just Emby additionally maybe)? You may be right, Plex has this posted in their article:
  12. Cool! Worth a shot - I was interested in trying all 3 (Jellyfin, Plex, Emby) if I can pass hardware transcode capability to each docker. Install said this which was interesting: Verifying package radeontop-2021.09.13.txz. Installing package radeontop-2021.09.13.txz: PACKAGE DESCRIPTION: Package radeontop-2021.09.13.txz installed. -----AMDGPU Kernel Module already enabled!----- ----Installation of radeontop complete----- plugin: radeontop.plg installed I do have these items: Is there a way to use this amdgpu module on other dockers mentioned as well? (trying out your Jellyfin shortly)
  13. Just the one bind mount is sufficient but I was hoping to be able to have a browse UI for that location to choose a subfolder that way but it looks like it's just a limitation of the web UI and can't be done. Using the monitor folder options is the next best thing (adding one for each possible download location).
  14. Sorry if this is a dumb question but is there some way to browse the local docker shares when adding a file? I'm not a fan of guessing manual paths and having to double check them. Also, Browse... only lets you browse the accessing system rather than local shares to the docker. Is there a way to have both be just through the docker shares directly? If it was direct control of the application rather than the web UI, this would be possible so it's a curious limitation.