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  1. Is there any way to recover from an unresponsive UI via terminal? I can SSH in but the web UI is totally unresponsive. All I did was hit apply after changing one option on a docker container...
  2. So here's where it's at now form zero usage since restarting a couple days ago: 1.3% 1.204GiB / 30.82GiB After restarting it's around 190MB Logging shows this and timeouts: [22-06-06 11:51:49.0415] Slim::Networking::Discovery::Players::_players_error (144) Unable to get players: Connect timed out: [22-06-06 11:51:21.0983] Slim::Networking::Discovery::Players::_players_error (144) Unable to get players: Invalid JSON response: [
  3. It's very tiny, mostly just use it for the streaming service integrations. I can post a screen again when it bloats but I restarted it as it was too high.
  4. The Docker advanced view (shows current usage)
  5. This has some pretty severe memory leak issues. Even when running unused from startup, after not very long (several days to a week) it goes from 190MB memory usage up to over 2GB.
  6. This is great! Super helpful to straighten out the clusterf*ck that is the Home Assistant install - Unraid should just have a default template for Home Assistant at this point...
  7. How do you enable supervisor/add-ons menu on this docker... Why would there even be a gimped docker that doesn't have all the features...?
  8. Enabling internal node and setting IP/name still not seeing it show up. Any ideas? Edit: had to use localhost instead of IP
  9. What does 'Verify all the disk" do specifically? Is it good practice to run this after a clear?
  10. How do you change the timezone for this ? Tried adding -e TZ= but it didn't appear to work.
  11. Is there an alternative you can recommend for the posted question?
  12. Still nothing, even after checking for updates. Web UI is still failing semi-frequently (going unresponsive). 4 times so far today...
  13. Thanks - got them all back with that technique, phew...
  14. Oh man... that works thanks - clever. I did stop & restart the service though and upon restarting, the dependent rebuilding containers also vanished... I assume the same method can be used to restore them?