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  1. I have a weird issue that I don't really know how to explain or search for (although I did try). I have Unraid installed on a Dell R710. When I click on some links in Mac Mail and Safari, instead of pointing me to the linked site, I am brought to the Unraid login screen. For example, the screen shot is of the login screen coming up when I clicked on an unsubscribe link in a spam email. I don't really notice any pattern to the type of link, except that it may happen more often on urls with sub-domains or that do redirects. I do have pi-hole installed, serving by DNS but
  2. Hello all. I'm just getting started with my homelab. I have been playing with it for 2 weeks trying to come up with how I want to have it set up on a more permanent basis. I started out with proxmox running pihole in a lxc, I have an ubuntu server in a vm running things on docker (Portainer, Heimdall, Home Assistant, Plex, and Next Cloud so far) all in relatively early stages of usage. And then I have a VM for Unraid with the usb and sas controller passed through. The main purpose of this whole setup is to provide a place for backups for my three computers, storage for media, and