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  1. I cannot passthouht my GT 1030 to win10. 😭


    vm log shows below:


    2021-04-01T13:48:32.788506Z qemu-system-x86_64: -device vfio-pci,host=0000:01:00.0,id=hostdev0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x5: Failed to mmap 0000:01:00.0 BAR 3. Performance may be slow





  2. I find the soluation!!!!!😱


    by a random test. 



    1、turn off all VM [ auto start ]

    2、stop the array

    3、turn on the passthouht GPU VM

    4、the VM works FINE !!!!


    Looks like the VM with Virtual GPU will Occupy the GPU, so the passthouht do not works.



    I have a question:


    Do I need another GPU to use for other VM with Virtual GPU ? 





  3. My CPU AMD 3900X do not own Integrated Graphics, only the NVIDIA GT 210 Installed.


    I'd like to passthouht GPU to win 10, but I'm not sure it can be done. actually I trying it, but GPU cannot work on win 10,


    it shows the NVIDIA Driver cannot install.😵

    Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)


    Driver Management has concluded the process to add Service nvlddmkm for Device Instance ID PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0A65&SUBSYS_80941462&REV_A2\3&13C0B0C5&0&20 with the following status: 0.


    Can I passthouht the only one GPU to VM win 10 ? (it was working fine once, when I reopen VM, it turns fail.😭)





    My Device info is here.

    • Model: Custom
    • M/B: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. X570 GAMING X Version x.x - s/n: Default string
    • BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. Version F2. Dated: 06/06/2019
    • CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core @ 3800 MHz
    • HVM: Enabled
    • IOMMU: Enabled
    • Cache: 768 KiB, 6144 KiB, 65536 KiB
    • Memory: 16 GiB DDR4 (max. installable capacity 128 GiB)
    • Network: bond0: fault-tolerance (active-backup), mtu 1500
    •  eth0: 1000 Mbps, full duplex, mtu 1500
    • Kernel: Linux 4.19.107-Unraid x86_64
    • OpenSSL: 1.1.1d
    • Uptime: 0 days, 10:23:24
  4. 1 hour ago, trurl said:

    Things you attempt to install in this way aren't going to survive a reboot anyway because the OS is in RAM. Any addons have to be reinstalled at each boot.


    Unraid is not intended to be a general purpose multiuser Linux, it is a NAS that can host dockers and VMs.


    Perhaps you could request this in the Nerd Pack thread.




    Got it, thanks yours.


  5. 3 hours ago, Energen said:

    This seems very similar to the Recycle Bin plugin that is available.  Do you have that installed and/or is safe-rm significantly different from it where you don't want to use Recycle Bin?







    Can I use  rm -rf  to move the file to Recycle Bin instead of delete it?


    I general use common line to delete files, but rm -rf will delete file faster and cannot recover. so I want a chance to protect. 😂

  6. How to install safe-rm? I need protect my important file, so I want to use safe-rm, but it cannot install, can you help me?



    The shell feedback is here.


    root@Tower:~# wget -c https://launchpadlibrarian.net/515722733/safe-rm-1.1.0.tar.gz
    --2021-01-29 00:20:53-- https://launchpadlibrarian.net/515722733/safe-rm-1.1.0.tar.gz
    Resolving launchpadlibrarian.net (launchpadlibrarian.net)...,, 2001:67c:1560:8003::8008, ...
    Connecting to launchpadlibrarian.net (launchpadlibrarian.net)||:443... connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
    Length: 23815 (23K) [application/x-tar]
    Saving to: ‘safe-rm-1.1.0.tar.gz’

    safe-rm-1.1.0.tar.gz               100%[=============================================================>]  23.26K  22.9KB/s    in 1.0s    

    2021-01-29 00:20:56 (22.9 KB/s) - ‘safe-rm-1.1.0.tar.gz’ saved [23815/23815]

    root@Tower:~# tar -zxf safe-rm-1.1.0.tar.gz
    root@Tower:~# cd safe-rm-1.1.0
    root@Tower:~/safe-rm-1.1.0# mv /usr/local/bin/rm /usr/local/bin/bak.rm
    mv: cannot stat '/usr/local/bin/rm': No such file or directory

  7. 1 hour ago, JoeUnraidUser said:

    Sorry for my confusion.


    To install p7zip:

    • Install the NerdPack plugin.
    • Go to SETTINGS and click on Nerd Pack.
    • Turn on p7zip-16.02-x86_64-1sl.txz.
    • Then click on APPLY at the bottom.
    • You may have to reboot for it to take effect if the apply doesn't work.

    It works, thanks

  8. 46 minutes ago, JoeUnraidUser said:

    7z is already installed in /usr/bin/7z.  In a terminal type 7z and hit enter.

    I type 7z, it feedback

    root@Tower:~# 7z
    /usr/local/bin/7z: line 2: /usr/local/lib/p7zip/7z: No such file or directory