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  1. That's not at all what I want. What I want is SSH to work the way it worked in the previous STABLE release. As I'm just learning how Unraid works, it makes it that much harder when I find something that works for me, only for it to be removed with an "update".
  2. Thanks for the insight. I just created another user to see if I could ssh in, and no luck there either.
  3. +1 /bump New to Unraid and had to install the 6.9 rc due to having 10th gen intel and needing to take advantage of quick sync. After upgrading I can no longer ssh in with root (no password). I figured I would just set a password for the root user, but not only did that not allow me to ssh in, I can no longer terminal in from the webUI. The terminal pops up and then immediately disappears. Awesome.