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  1. Thanks. I'll wait for sure! My son really love his Minecraft server... Thank you to all!!!
  2. I'm hesitant to update the docker. Should I do it? Have the issues been resolved?
  3. My unraid server is at 3 hours of where I live.. hope I will not need to do this... I think I will postpone my upgrade for now..
  4. EXACTLY the same issue here...
  5. I have the same issue. Can't reach the webUI from time to time.. have to restart the docker. Really annoying
  6. Hi, I really like your app!! it works really well. Thank you! Any plan to update it to 1.6.4 any soon?
  7. When I use the command line /restart into the console I get this error: "Startup script '/' does not exist! Stopping server" How to make sure the server reboot if it crash or if I use the /restart command? What to put into the script file called
  8. I actually use something like that to "reboot" the server remotely.. ( .. It works really well..
  9. Great Idea.. it's like 3 hours from my home.. so.. a backup solution is a great idea thanks for all!
  10. Yeah. Like I said.. I'm new into the unraid world... since 15 days The problem is that my server will be far away from home (at my parents home with a 1gbps internet link). So, I need to be able to access the server remotely. One of the solution is to use your debian docker as "jump" server to reach the dashboard.. other solutions are Zerotier or Tailscale. I don't want to expose the server directly to internet without a vpn.
  11. Oh! thanks!.. it works!! but from a security perspective.. not sure it's a good idea to do so... Thank you!!
  12. Yes.. I can reach the container through the WebUI.. but inside the container itself I can't reach the dashboard.
  13. I think I explained it wrong ... even locally, if I type "tower" or the IP of unraid dashboard in firefox, I get an error. However, all other websites work. Is there something preventing the container from communicating with the unraid dashboard?
  14. Hi there! New to unraid world. So be patient with me... I would like to use "DebianBuster" as "jump server" to reach my Tower remotely. The installation of the container was flawless. thanks! But, the problem is that I can't reach the tower (tower.local, tower or the direct IP) throught/inside DebianBuster... always get a "can't connect". All other website works.. What I'm doing wrong? thanks!!