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  1. Thanks, I don't see your device in your system devices regardless if a driver was ready for the device it should still appear. First off did you using this kernel cause it to disappear from the device list, or are you just adding the card now. This really does seem more likely a hardware/bios issue but if you did use this custom kernel you should roll back if it is causing you issues.

    I think this issue is most likely nothing to do with this original thread and there are many threads in this forum about GPU and GPU passthrough VM support I would recommend reading through those issues and posting questions there. The reasoning is i don't want to flood this specific netapp card issue with GPU issues. I would also be glad to assist you if you have questions and I can try to point you to the right place in a direct message.

  2. @Sinister If you patched your kernel or modified anything it will not be automatically enabled, but I am assuming you are using Nvidia. If that is the case in the 6.9.x release nvidia is supported by ich777 app for the 6.9.x you can find it specifically noted in the 6.9.0 release notes


    the community app under Nvidia Driver by ich777 link to his support forum here:


  3. The issue is there is a bug in the pm80xx release that causes the pm8003 cards to not initialize (pm8001). It is a really tiny patch in the 5.10.30 kernel but 6.9.2 is running 5.10.28. I did in the noted post above compile and anyone can download to use on their 6.9.2 release

  4. I have some good news after some work with @DrBeaker we got a build off the 5.10.28 with backport fixes included in the 5.10.30 kernel
    5.10.28 -> 5.10.30 pm80xx scsi driver fix


    We are able to successfully initialize the pm8003 card with link and see drives as expected with this simple patch thanks to @ich777 unraid kernel helper made it easy to build the kernel and dropping in patches.

    I am not sure if this is against the guidelines, but linking the 5.10.28 kernel built with these changes this is intended ONLY for 6.9.2 release

    zip package of the 5.10.28 pm80xx 

    To note: Please backup your flashdrive before ever trying to use a custom built kernel. You simply need to drop the extracted files into the root of your USB drive and boot/reboot your unraid server. WARNING: only for 6.9.2 release.


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  5. @DrBeaker Got more progress, after doing some more digging, there was a few other patches, all changes included below from the 5.10.28 -> 5.10.37 for a couple of issues


    Boot the system, but once it sets the link speed and after initial scan after it boots it goes straight into pci fault error, I thought I might of screwed up the compile, tried again and then i tested on a fresh install on 6.8.3, but same issue on the pci fault error and tested in my g8 dl380p and ilo shows pci bus error on the card.

    Sadly i might of made progress, if you wanted to give it a try, but appears the card I had sitting around is defective so I can't test any further hopefully this helps but I can't test any further as I will need to pick up a new card it appears anyways.

  6. I am late to the party. I just ran into this with my ds4243 with my pmc-8001 card. In syslog you get


    May 23 17:12:50 DL380P kernel: pm80xx: probe of 0000:0b:00.0 failed with error -16

    Like Limetech noted that there was several changes in the linux 5.10.26 kernel which is included in the 6.9.2 release (comes with 5.10.28 kernel) there appears to been a different bug still missed until the 5.10.30 release which fixes the initialization error:

    Above is the patch file that i am actually building now with ich777's kernel helper with this as a patch file.

    I will let every know in a bit if it works... I really don't want buy another card and cables and explain it to my partner.