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  1. Hey i just bought a brand new HDD. Yesterday night i got a red cross next to my HDD in the Main View at Unraid.

    I checked out the SMART Values and they look bad.

    For Example: Reallocated Sector Count has this Value: 64

    Anyhow Iam pretty sure i need to remove that HDD.

    Iam a Noob and starting reading FAQ and other things, but still a bit confused.


    So my HDD has Warranty and I think that I will send it back to Seagate. Then they will send me a new HDD back.

    But what is the best way to proceed this in Unraid?

    Right now Iam doing a Parity Check.

    After it is completed I will unmount / remove the HDD from the Array and sent it to Seagate.

    When I get my new HDD I will insert it to my Server.

    After that  I have to start the Rebuild.


    Also i didnt preclear my HDD. Could this be the issue? I did bought also new premium SATA Cables.

    I have also attached my diag file.


    [I know this kind of questions are asked here multiple times. It is just the first time I have a HDD Failure and I just want to be sure]