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  1. SOLVE COAGULA 621MB is now reported within cache drive pool. I still need need to take a closer look at the file structure
  2. *1.) I have a reported error within Log as follows ;> Mar 21 22:14:47 Dell cache_dirs: ERROR: excluded directory 'VM\ backup' does not exist. *> 1.) >Question, Is this the correct location to edit, (this simple test1), a potential backslash VM\ syntax error and replace with this corrective action VM/ ? <(is the solution for the potential missing directory "VM/backup" or "VM/ backup")? I will try this edit from this GUI menu bar > Tools > Unraid OS > Config File Editor > Editing: /boot/config/plugins/dynamix.cache.dirs/dynamix.cache.dirs.cfg
  3. *1.) I have a reported error within Log as follows ;> Mar 21 22:14:47 Dell cache_dirs: ERROR: excluded directory 'VM\ backup' does not exist. *> 1.) >Question, Is this the correct location to edit, (this simple test1), a potential backslash VM\ syntax error and replace with this corrective action VM/ ? <(is the solution for the potential missing directory "VM/backup" or "VM/ backup")? I will try this edit from this GUI menu bar > Tools > Unraid OS > Config File Editor > Editing: /boot/config/plugins/dynamix.cache.dirs/dynamix.cache.dirs.cfg
  4. Sorry I didn't look first. As I am having a bit of difficulty in how to find something. Thank you, I am quite green on how UNRAID works. I hope I am projecting the impression, I am willing to learn, rather then an unrealistic belief in why windows doesn't work out of the box. Please, if you may, if I may ask. What would be the best approach in looking at the file structure, being Linux. In the context, that I might have to contribute in making an effort. In examining, my small adjustments at a time. * My question is should I be using Midnight Commander or within the Tools
  5. What does your doinst.sh file look like, (if UNRAID is using slackware) would this have anything to do with the symlink cleanup? I just downloaded UNRAID about a week ago and do not know much in how UNRAID is actually working under the hood
  6. * END ALL ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITIES, outside help is not required* * The activities I find myself invested in engaging in (time wasted) can be potentially avoided. For others, whom discover to find themselves in this similar situation by Their ISP...* * I contacted customer service of my ISP. Using my social engineering skill set, it is my opinion, there may be an IT cyber security blue team monitoring traffic.* I will mention an up tick of phone calls from Florida today, odd that no one was on the end of line. My mitigations going forward, advice and opinion.
  7. Ah thanks, I was digging around looking for my manufacturer and model number. To clear this idea up where i am at and my ISP provider stance on this issue... I am locked out to get to any form of a limited user interface at the device level that existed before the Mediacom cable install. I get a wheel of death when attempting to get to the original IP address that mediacom refuses me access to. The IP address appears to have been changed to another IP address. The wheel of death times out not allowing any username/password window pop up to begin with at the de
  8. Both in one device...The POE-coax cable line, Mediacom cable from the pole that connects to the first filter/spliter at the customer location. Where the POE is no longer needed and the coax cable DMZ continues to a modem (my customer supplied LAN HUB firewall equipment) which allows devices on my side to be routed together that also has WiFi broadcast capabilities in one device. A little bit confusing, so I will leave out the switch that is also connected between cable modem and all other devices on my side of the access point...toss in Wiregaurd/UNRAID/Dockers that have problems of its o
  9. Now that I been able start up the cable modem/router WLAN I can give myself permission, to attempt to take control of my equipment. Looks like my next course of action should be focusing upon being a bit LAZY and remember to use a encrypted VM ~# get clone https://gethub.com/arismelachroinos/lscript.get via arch ~# cd lscript ^ ~#/lscript# ls ~#/lscript# chmod +x install.sh ~`#/lscript# ./install.sh lets take a look at some unique tools, shall we? HACK THE BOX 🤨 https://github.com/k
  10. That was how I was getting around them the first rounds with media-com cable, when they was telling me my cable modem/router was faulty. I did the manual reset to get back to step one where they could see my equipment on the cable line. Yes, I am extremely pissed finding out it was provisioned and I'm locked out and it appears the firewall is off as well. It is so bad I do not have access to the wireless to try from windows shell administrator C:\>netsh netsh>wlan show profile netsh>wlan show profile"the router"key=clear to crack my own wlan key content password.
  11. My ISP Mediacom highjacked my property >the router< this router is not a Mediacom cable rental. For the first week after installation, Mediacom claimed my router was faulty, which I said. No its not and >I declined their [rental fee cable modem offer].< During this time I could manually reset the router to get into the router no problems here. Customer service call center could see the cable modem, until they reset the modem and attempted to [provision] the setup remotely. Which caused the router be be stuck on downloading the provisioning file. (I d
  12. I see perhaps you are curious in how UNRAID works, as well as I am, going forward. Unfortunately, I haven't reached the point in having a suspenseful MOVER function work correctly. In my case, it appears nothing is in my 30.4MB cache. root@cosmos:/mnt/cache/appdata/swag/ Can you point me in the right direction in. How did you get to the location, on your machine,> root@cosmos:/... /mnt/cache/appdata/... < this is as far as I can dig into UNRAID file structure /mnt/... I am certainly not, on my local machine, able to get into root.
  13. *> B) >Question, do I need to be concerned about the data in the cache drive pool? Is the cache drive pool a copy or is the original data moved from from disk to cache and then become volatile data to corruption? Found it, the first mistake I made was to begin at the forums discovering years of potentially confusing out dated material. https://wiki.unraid.net/Articles/Getting_Started#Assigning_Devices_to_the_Array_and_Cache Creating a cache-pool adds protection for cached data. If you only assign one cache device to the system, data residing there before
  14. Unfortunately, I am a new purchaser of UNRAIDd, experiencing a hand full of issues of a stripped down basic fresh install. I have not proceeded this far to the point you appear to be at, to attempt the back up process. Why back up something that is still broke... The outdated videos, tutorials and forums do not address the "prefer setting". Might have changed from ten years ago, since DOS 5.1.1? I myself was confused of which setting should this be set on? The Prefer option, when first encountering this error upon fresh install setup, or the outdated documentation mentioning
  15. Thank you, that is very important to know, as I was not aware of some more critical limitations. Right headless, ssh remote and external VMs. I was wondering why, there was no way to change the default browser. Being greyed out and always on for default, although in the CA there is a Brave browser there? Rack this one up for the newbie, this was the point of this UNRAID...Command behind the firewalls, DMZ and disposable VMs on the lines... Except didn't make it that far, my ISP Mediacom enemy behind the line stab in the back "special" [provisioning] on the router. Any one heard
  16. Trurl is smelling the bacon of customers equipment and the additional rental fee equipment... we are on the same page, why I have found the source of the problem of finding >my dilly swinging in the wild< Again look below The router has been [provisioned] by the ISP for ease of hook up. what info is the gateway, DNS, ect. As most people wouldn't have a clue, so any call to customer service is them resetting the router and [provisioning] that information into the router to avoid being manually entered, right? Except the capt. overlooked obvious a few are capable of doing this on
  17. Thank you, we are correct, the port scanners in most probability will not stop this activity on the internet. What mitigations I have done, was to change the blank password to a real password. Yes you are correct the necessity for networking, the opening limited port access. Right now I'm not interested in that, in the context that all my ports are open. Yes I have attempted to firewall up and block ports. We are on the same page. To answer the question "If you don't want those attacks, why is your server directly connected to the internet?" Back to [>MediaCom Cab
  18. Mar 17 09:22:48 Dell sshd[21859]: Connection from port 9174 on port 22 rdomain "is now posted" on the web, "use any search engine," (not by me). Mar 17 10:06:06 Dell sshd[30866]: Connection from port 39540 on port 22 rdomain "" Mar 17 10:06:06 Dell sshd[30866]: error: kex_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host Mar 17 10:06:06 Dell sshd[30866]: Connection closed by port 39540 Observing the above Method of Operation above... U(been)RAID exclusivity to use FireFo
  19. The activity on my end has now been Redir3cted traffic to this post..."ITS A HOT POST" This is now a direct link past your forum firewalls... Thank you, I have had my hands full at the moment, I Am On The Blue Team! The successful breaches that get past U(been)RAID ignorance to use "root" as the unchangeable default. The outside attempts to breach the 55,000 open ports on my end... "The Router" [more on this a bit later >Media-Com Cable< ] Port scanning for the obvious admin, root, tech, admin1, ect. The more determined hackers that latch on a port and dis
  20. Thank you all, for all the interest in this post about the inherent lack of security, perhaps built into U(been)RAID. I did take note of the knowledge base the GRC Shields Up provides, myself coming from the legends of the old DOS shell ported into the operating system "not to be named". Well frustrated with the "now not to be named" OS, only uselessness to be used within a sandboxie VM. Time has come to embrace Linux and build upon the Basic retraining language skill-set Arch, Kali and Garuda truly offers... Wow I I have let my guard down and become lazily accustom to the GUI.
  21. I don't know, I just bought this and installed a few hours ago. I'm a bit behind the learning curve and found my dilly swinging in the wild. Only thing I had time to do is reduce the deny thresholds to 1 in denyhost. The one swinging the [ pam unix ]was getting through... Being new I couldn't even log into my router to see if the fire wall was up and I misplaced my switch info that is between Unraid and the router. I pulled the plug on the outside and looked at the system log... to find a big hot mess and 4 usb not connected go offline. The keyboard was stuck
  22. In less than twelve hours purchasing and installing Unraid Pro, more than 300+ successful "root" login [preauth] attempts using sshd, ssh2, telnet, [ pam_unix ] < that ignore Denyhost v 2.6 blocking. Does Unraid have any protection at all or is all the ports wide open for U(been)Raid? Let's put ARCH UNRAID back into this U(been)RAID Sshd port 41236 on port 22 rdomain client.mchsi.com FOR root ssh2 ssh2 ssh2 user=root on
  23. Why is the Unraid default "root" user account always the target after a successful ssh2 port scanning holes entries? I would think an easy attempt to try the empty defaulted enter key would be easy enough? Facepalm, several every minute of failed password attempts from Asia isp. Hahaha...not so funny within hours after the purchase of pro key and downloading community apps and dockers.