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  1. I know its an old topic, but using UNRaid 6.9.2 and I have qemu-gest-agent running, it shows the IP in proxmox but I can not shut the UNRaid VM down from proxmox. I have to log into the UNRaid gui and shut it down from there. Is this a bug with the guest agent version UNRaid has or am I just missing a setting or something?
  2. Yes that would work for a power outage but I believe that would only shutdown UnRaid and not safely shutdown proxmox. Then there is the case if I wanted to reboot the proxmox server. Would be nice to do it without having to log into the UnRaid gui and shut it down first. I am sure there is something I am doing wrong or have something set wrong.
  3. Yeah if power went and the ups connected starts shutting down the proxmox server it would be nice if unraid would gracefully shut down. Also for the fact that it's an extra step to take if you have to reboot the server for some reason.
  4. Hello, I am just doing some feasibility testing of running UNRaid as a VM in ProxMox. Yes I know it is not recommended, I have a full running Unraid server on my network. I am just playing around. I can say it does work 99% correctly. I was able to pass through a pci sata card and all drives show up. The only problem I can find is that I can not issue a shutdown command from Proxmox. It is supposed to send an ACPI shutdown but UNRaid does not respond to it. The acpid on unraid is running as well as I enabled qemu-guest-additions. I can shut