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  1. I have searched forum after forum and watched video after video but still cannot wrap my head around this process. My goal is to simply get a direct 10gb connection between my Unraid server and a Windows PC for file transfers. I see everyone talking about Mellanox cards and HP cards with SFP, copper, and/or Fiber and so on. Is there any plain jane easy to understand, explain to me like I don't know what a computer is, answer to the question? If I bought 2 Mellanox x2 cards and placed one in each of my machines, which cable do I need to connect the two if they are roughly 60ft apart? Do I
  2. Solved: A quick call to my ISP and they confirmed I had a private IP. They kindly assigned me a public one and I am good to go!
  3. My WAN I believe is in this format That would be public then correct? When I do a Whats My IP though it shows a 206.83..xx.x format though.
  4. I've been looking all over my Router settings and read that wiki you linked and I am sorry but I can not figure out how to tell which it is one way or the other. Is there anything I should look for that would tell me either way?
  5. That did it! Thank you very much for the assistance.
  6. The modem is stand alone. Not sure how to get into the modem settings or if it is even possible? It looks very bare bones with just the phone line coming in and an Ethernet cable coming out. I have a Netgear Nighthawk router separate from it which I set up the port forwarding rule on with no luck.
  7. I just have local DSL service. The modem is separate from the router.
  8. I have just watched the Spaceinvaderone video on My Servers. I am stuck at the port forwarding portion however. I have the same issue with Plex so not sure if my ISP is blocking this ability or what? Basically no matter what I choose as an external port it will not successfully allow my to connect to it. Are there some steps to go through to see if the block is on my ISP's end before I call it quits?
  9. I would definitely be interested in how this is done!
  10. Since building my unraid machine this last week I have had the "opportunity" to run two parity checks. I am trying to understand the results I am getting (parity history attached below). The first parity check showed 168 errors. The second showed only 36. Is this a good sign that the number went down I assume? What would this indicate? Also, I have three matching 8TB disk. 1 parity with the other two being data. Disk 2 is what seems to be giving me error. It gives an error count of 168 on the main tab. With the newest check saying only 36 errors reported why does this stil
  11. Thanks for this command suggestion! Worked like a charm for me. My question, however, is how do I get this to run on every boot?
  12. As of now the server is sitting beside me next to my old daily driver. Once the server is moved to the other room I will still be using the old computer's monitor/browser to access the Win10 VM using Splashtop Desktop. Not sure if that is the best route to go or not?
  13. I am not sure if this is possible at all but thought I would ask. I have set up my new Unraid server successfully, to this point with, with everything I wanted it to do initially. I plan on doing some gaming using my Windows 10 VM which I would typically use a mic and some cheap headphones. This server will be in a separate room running headless however. Is there some sort of a client to host pass through of these peripherals that would allow me to use them?
  14. Ha! Yeah I realize you are the same guy now. I was reading too quickly and overlooked that. Thanks again for the help! I will be ordering a dummy plug.
  15. Wow! This forum is awesome. Such quick replies and willingness to help! Well, I am not sure which step got it to work but thanks to you both! When I initially tried the steps suggested by TAFKA Gridrunner it did not work. I had not yet restarted at that point though. So I restarted and in the meantime noticed SI1's response. I had not even thought to test it out using a real monitor! I made no further changes expect hooking it up to the monitor. And it all booted up just fine! Thanks to you both! I had been working on this one thing for almost 2 whole days to this point.