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  1. The post right above yours is actually me saying a reboot did fix it
  2. Edit folder -> "Add another button" -> "Config type:" "Docker Action" -> "Action:" "Start/Stop/Restart"
  3. The fix was to reboot the server. Who would have thunk it?
  4. It seems that in May, the release notes decided to travel back in time
  5. This is what I did initially, i.e. tried a whole bunch of endpoints with the same result, leading me to believe it wasn't an issue with the endpoints, especially seeing as they all have an online status on the Mullvad website. However, now I tried a bunch again and suddenly one worked. I guess Mullvad has been experiencing some weird issues today. Thanks for your help troubleshooting!
  6. Yup, that's the Mullvad DNS server. I removed it and set NAME_SERVERS to "," but got pretty much the same result. supervisord2.log
  7. My container crapped out all of a sudden. It seems DNS resolution is no longer working and the status for every tracker is "Not working". I'm using WireGuard via Mullvad. I've rebooted the server and my router. I've generated new WireGuard config files from Mullvad and verified they're unchanged. I've attached my debug log. Any ideas? supervisord.log
  8. Found anything since 2021.09.15.1853?
  9. Was there ever a fix for this? I had some garbage containers created due to partially failed `docker build` commands. Performing a complete `docker system prune --force --all --volumes` got rid of them everywhere except from CA Appdata Backup/Restore and CA Application Auto Update.
  10. Would it be possible to run Krusader via Xpra instead of VNC? I find Xpra seamless mode to be a much better experience than VNC.
  11. You can use '/usr/local/emhttp/webGui/scripts/notify' in your script: notify [-e "event"] [-s "subject"] [-d "description"] [-i "normal|warning|alert"] [-m "message"] [-x] [-t] [-b] [add] create a notification use -e to specify the event use -s to specify a subject use -d to specify a short description use -i to specify the severity use -m to specify a message (long description) use -l to specify a link (clicking the notification will take you to that location) use -x to create a single notification ticket use -r to specify recipients and not use default use -t to force send email only (for testing) use -b to NOT send a browser notification all options are optional notify init Initialize the notification subsystem. notify smtp-init Initialize sendmail configuration (ssmtp in our case). notify get Output a json-encoded list of all the unread notifications. notify archive file Move file from 'unread' state to 'archive' state.
  12. Same thing now that My Servers 2021.08.25.1816 was released. Am I the only one experiencing this problem?
  13. Any word on this? I'm sad to say that the plugin is unusable to me because of this.
  14. A small feature request: whitespace in the output of a script is currently being collapsed, causing this (the columns are supposed to be aligned): If the output were to be wrapped in a <pre> tag, it will preserve the whitespace and show correctly, like this: It would also have the added benefit of adding some top margin to the output, for better separation (the font-family of the <pre> tag might need to be set to 'bitstream' to not get overridden with 'monospace')
  15. Last time I ran an integrity check I got a log of files with "BLAKE2 hash key corruption" and they were all files that had been deleted prior to the check. Do any of the new commits remedy this behavior?
  16. First of, I love this plugin. Second, would it be possible to allow variables for Node scripts too, i.e. parsing `//` right after the shebang, in addition to `#`? Like: #!/usr/bin/env node //name=Script name I know I can just run the JS file from the shell script but I prefer to have it self-contained.
  17. This container doesn't shut down gracefully, so it will always time out when Unraid tries to shut it down (with `docker stop -t xx`, where 'xx' is the Docker stop timeout you've set), e.g., when backing up appdata. The usual trick of adding '--init' under 'Extra Parameters' isn't working either.
  18. I have no idea why it happens. The plugin hasn't seen a commit in over 1½ years so I'm not sure if it's abandoned.
  19. Thanks for the template! This container doesn't shut down gracefully, so it will always time out when Unraid tries to shut it down (with ´docker stop -t xx´, where 'xx' is the Docker stop timeout you've set), e.g., when backing up appdata. If you add '--init' under 'Extra Parameters' it will work as expected. Also, is there no way to save/sync your personal dictionary when using the self-hosted version?
  20. In the "Stop Shell" plugin, could you please add "fish" to the list of shells? Would be much appreciated
  21. Just reboot your server or re-install the plugin.
  22. I've got the paths listed without quotes, like so: binhex-plexpass/Plex Media Server/Crash Reports/,binhex-plexpass/Plex Media Server/Logs/,binhex-plexpass/Plex Media Server/Media/,binhex-plexpass/Plex Media Server/Metadata/ They get quoted during runtime so it works fine. You can also do exclusions like: .cache,.caches,.DS_Store,*.log,*.log.*,*.tmp,cache,Cache,caches,Caches,.Recycle.Bin
  23. So there's currently no way to have it execute on the first day of the month, unless it runs every month?
  24. Here's a OneDark theme I made: I've also set the following in Unraid Settings -> Display Settings: If you would like to try it, I've attached a zip file which you can import via Theme Engine.