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  1. I thank you so much, I was able to find the file to exit in the nextcloud/www/config/*.php file.. that was a huge pain in the a... thank you.
  2. I am in need of help. Running unRaid with Nginx Proxy Manager + Cloudflare. I have nextcloud setup and have previously been using duckdns to access it, but since setting up nginx and cloudflare, have swapped to I have set cloudflare and nginx up correctly in unraid as i can access everything else without an issue, but whenever i try and access, it will constantly url swap back to my previous duckdns link and error. I have confirmed through "curl -i -l" that everything is working well until it hits on a location address "" instead of what i want. searching thoroughly confirms it is a 302 url rerouting error from nginx and needs the conf file to be edited. this is where my problem gets worse. There is no nginx.conf file locatable on my system at all. it does not appear to exist. locations i have checked include:- /etc/ (every sub folder) /usr/ (every sub folder) /root/ (every sub folder) */appdata/ (every sub folder) I am at a loss where the conf file is or how i can simply resolve the issue with the 302 rerouting issue.