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  1. I'm at a loss - please help me All VMs were perfectly fine before the Ram upgrade (from 16 to 32 GB, same kind of sticks). Memory is detected and shows up in Unraid Dashboard. I have a Ubuntu VM with VNC/QXL, a Win 10 VM with VNC/QXL and a Win 10 VM that ran on the same Vdisk as the other Win10 (not at the same time) but with GPU Passthrough GTX 1050Ti (only GPU in the system, no APU, Ryzen). All the other stuff works a treat (Jellyfin, Caddy, Nextcloud, Calibre, duckdns, ...). Logs show (Win10): and (Ubuntu): Of course I already searched for fixes to the errors at the end, no dice. And I have searched a lot for fixes on this great forum before, passing through the only GPU in the System, so that it works and I can use Parsec, was no easy task (to me). I'm not bragging, clearly I'm somewhat of a beginner - but I wanted to show you that I don't just post here, because I'm too lazy. Thank you for your help! Maybe I'm just stupid. But I had a really long day and just wanted to pop in some Ram sticks. Then the server did not boot when I closed the case (and I DID test with new Ram and case open - side panel might have snagged something). I'm just so done atm, I hope someone knows a quick fix :-/ Edit: Oh, and IOMMU Groups, if that helps: