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  1. Good Morning from Western Australia, 


    I am an UNRAID newbie BUT i am not a windows novice at all. I have setup an UNRAID server on a Proliant ML150 G6 duel Processor machine with 62 TB

    of disk space over 4 drives which are hardware RAID 0 set in the BIOS.


    regardless of that, I have set up in my NETCOMM NF18MESH internet router/modem a permanent DCHP IP address for the UNRAID server for for its' MAC

    address. Here lies the problem. every time it boots up, it gives the PLEX server a new IP address, so when I run PLEX it will say something like or what ever,

    and there for that IP is not reserved nor is the port forwarding reserved so I can't log into it.


    Has anyone experienced such a problem before??


    I would appreciate all constructive help possible.


    cheers from the formerly Covid free capital of the World.