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  1. Is this something unraid is being designed to support down the line? Are its btrfs volumes set up as a subvolume by default to allow for snapshotting? I guess I'll find out soon enough as I am preparing my unraid system for the 6 upgrade. Will probably start eith making the cache drive btrfs.
  2. Usually it's the speed of the bluray drive (about 2x speed) that is the bottleneck. Is it much faster when you rip directly to your local hard drive? Sent from my A510 using Tapatalk
  3. First, I don't see this as a bug in the webGui (both SF and Dynamix). It is a design decision (flaw?) in emhttp to start background disk activity upon each HTTP request made to it. That means that any button click you do in the GUI causes HDD activity. In the stock webGui this is circumvented by making it completely passive, meaning only when the user clicks on something there is interaction with emhttp. That's why people should not do a frequent page fresh as it interferes with a parity check. Second, Dynamix can be set to "passive" or "disabled" which stops all background HTTP requests
  4. This parity check slow-down was a problem with simplefeatures as well. Can you please fix this bug? The parity slow-down is the most annoying thing about these custom web guis. Sent from my A510 using Tapatalk
  5. Lol, ambient temperature will never get high enough to damage a hard drive, unless your house is on fire. Sent from my A510 using Tapatalk
  6. Why does it matter what the temp is when they are spun down? They wont be generating any heat so there is no point. Sent from my A510 using Tapatalk
  7. Note that the min free space setting is only checked when first creating a file. Therefore the min free space setting needs to be large enough to allow for the largest file that you might create (and if you might be doing several in parallel the sum of them). If you run out of space on the drive after creating the file as you write it there is no automatic fail-over to the array drives and you get an error about running out of space. I think you may have missed the example in my first post. Cache only has 17GB free, min free space is set to 30GB. Since the cache drive has less than the
  8. I have a problem with my cache drive filling up. It is only 120gb and can easily fill up if I transfer too much data over in one day. For example, I currently only have 17GB of space left on my cache drive. I start ripping a 37GB bluray to my multimedia user share which is set to use the cache drive. Makemkv warns me that there is only 17GB left on the share, I continue, and the cache drive eventually fills up causing the rip to fail. First of all, why is the user share reporting my cache drive available space instead of the entire share available space (which is several terrabytes)?
  9. I have Dynamix up and running for weeks, and no emhttp crashes and - as the developer - I do a lot with Dynamix webGui and optional plugins. Are you running other plugins which are memory hungry and eventually let emhttp starve ? One workaround to prevent emhttp from being killed by the OS, is to put the following in your 'go' script (and run manually): # Set webGUI never killed off echo -1000 > /proc/$(pgrep -f /usr/local/sbin/emhttp)/oom_score_adj Thanks a lot! I'll give that a try. I am running btsync and dropbox plugins which I can see taking up a lot of mem
  10. Love this web gui and good job. But unfortunately, it causes emhttp to eventually crash just like simple features used to do back on the pre-5.0 versions of unraid. And once it crashes, it can not be restarted without a reboot as it seg faults until then.
  11. I have two issues that are becoming annoying: First, when I start writing to a share that is spun down and it has to spin up, the write times out and fails before the drive finishes spinning up. Is there any way to increase cache/time it waits before timing out? Why can't unraid just accept the write and then flush it all do disk once the drive is ready? Second, If I'm streaming a movie to another machine while one of the other unraid drives needs to spin up, the stream stops until that other drive finishes spinning up. Why would a completely different drive affect the current read f
  12. Are you using mixed case? If so, use only lower case letters. Linux doesn't allow mixed case for unix ids as far as I know so no, I am not. All ids I create are lower-case. I removed the new gui and am back on stock but still unable to add any additional users. OK nevermind. It wasn't liking something in the description field. I left it blank and it worked.
  13. I am unable to add any new users from the users tab in unraid. Anyone know what might be wrong? I am using the upgraded gui if that matters.
  14. Bad flash card maybe? Sent from my A510 using Tapatalk 4
  15. might want to check that drive. Linux in general will remount a drive read only if there are too many errors reported. Sent from my SGH-T889 using Tapatalk 2
  16. Thanks for the pointers. It's about time I set identical username and passwords for all my machines. Sent from my SGH-T889 using Tapatalk 2
  17. Ugh, after rebooting this old winXP laptop it was able to connect. Still prompted for a password for some reason but it worked. My other (more updated) computers are having no issues.
  18. I just upgraded to 5.0 final and figured I would make it a fresh start by formatting the usb and installing everything one at a time. I just barely got it up, added a user, and started setting all the shares to "share" level security as I thought that's what I wanted. I was unable to connect to the server after that as it is not accepting the user/password I have set up. So now I changed all the shares back to "public" but the password prompt is still comming up when I try to browse the server. Why is it not accepting the user's password and why is it still prompting for a password even a
  19. Just upgraded from rc11 to 5.0 final. Hopefully this resolves my "Stale file handle" issue with NFS that I was having almost weekly with rc11. Love the look so far with the new web gui. That's why they are optional.
  20. When it fills up, no more data can be written to it. Sent from my A510 using Tapatalk HD
  21. Because you can't. You have to "boot into" the memtest program from the boot menu. It is not a linux program you can just run on an active machine. You will need to plug in a keyboard and monitor to do further troubleshooting.
  22. I've seen this too, but some people claim to have issues with the machines freezing. I'll enable it to see what happens anyway... I have to use this on one of my builds, it never freezes. Sent from my A510 using Tapatalk HD
  23. Not really, other than observing and recording the voltages, fan speeds and temps in the bios and then comparing after you boot up and it had been idle for a bit. Or find one that has already been made for your exact MB. @dmacias - Perhaps we can ask speeding_ant to help us find a file store location for these sensors.conf files, for all common motherboards. Maybe it can be a sub directory where SF files are located. As people create these files, we can have them all in one place for people to just download. My motherboard is popular, yet I wasn't able to find the sensos.conf f
  24. Thank you for this. I use the same motherboard and this worked, though I tweaked it a little. I'm not sure labeling the temp from the k10temp sensor AND the it8721 sensor as CPU Temp is the right thing to do though. Both temps are obviously different. I renamed them on mine to just have k10temp set as the CPU Temp.
  25. What about providing some kind of config page for this? Maybe a way we can run sensors -u or whatever and then decide for ourselves which part is the right temp to use? You are right about the kernel modules and different hardware thing. I even had to compile my own module for the fan sensors on my machine because not many sensor modules are included with unraid. Sent from my A510 using Tapatalk HD