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  1. How much memory is installed, Also how many individual sticks? Did you purchase as a working server?
  2. What his real job is, Because his video's are top quality and great knowledge passed onto this community. How does he find the time. Much appreciated
  3. My Towers are used for data backup and Plex. Currently I have 2x active Towers, and a testing Tower. I have 120Tb for my main Plex Tower3, has over 3000 Blu-Ray movies, and 250 TV series My Tower2 is 44Tb of Photo's and data backup. My Testing Tower1 is currently at 30Tb, but varies all the time as I test and change the configuration, testing disks and controllers.
  4. VGA onboard is available for bios setup. Also has IPMI lan port.
  5. Have had an awesome run with UnRaid, Have 3 Towers. Very few problems, Hard drive failures, not software related. 2 have been running for over 12 years. This forum is The Best on the planet. There are a few very special people here, always helpful and respectful. Thanks.
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    witch Psu

    My Tower2, Has 24x 2Tb hard drives, 2x Parity and 22x data drives. I have an 850Watt Corsair. This Tower has been running for about 8 years with only 1x hard drive failure. Hope that helps.
  7. Same here, 90% are molded from Corsiar PSU. Scary....................... Appreciate the story and advice, Thanks Will now look for 60 new crimped connectors. Tower 1 has 10x hard drives Tower 2 has 24x hard drives Tower 3 has 20x hard drives
  8. Thanks for the tip Frank, Connectors are direct off the 9207-8i so I do not suspect the connector. Agree, SATA and HDMI are in the same boat for bad design.
  9. All was good, Got the failing disk replaced and rebuilt, UnRaid is AWESOME. Appreciate the help johnnie.black
  10. Thanks johnnie.black, will keep an eye on it, I have the original disk 11, was changed just to upgrade size and age of the drive. Glad I went dual parity. Much appreciated
  11. Hi Everyone, I replaced a Hard drive, No. 13 that was failing, Thanks to johnnie.black for the help, Array was reported as healthy after rebuild. So I replaced an old 2Tb drive with a new 4Tb drive for disk 11. Now I have Disk 13 with a Red X. What should I do now? Stop the Disk 11 rebuild, is 2hrs and 4 to go until finished. I have attached Diags. Much appreciated. tower3-diagnostics-20190626-1316.zip
  12. I just upgraded 2x Towers, No Issues 6.7.0 to 6.7.1 Much appreciated
  13. I have a disk problem on Tower2 also, Looks like johnnie.black nailed it... Awesome. Much appreciated
  14. Thanks, were turned on, but once a week. Modified the settings. Much appreciated.
  15. Once again johnnie.black, You are AWESOME, Thanks. I did not get any error notification, But I just went to the logs and I do see that error. Should have gone there myself first, Sorry...... Lesson learned. And learning every day. Much appreciated.
  16. Would I see that as Smart error?? Or would that be a cable issue?
  17. Hi Everyone, Had some interesting behaviour after adding more RAM, My Parity check halved it's speed or worse. My Tower3 had 1x 16Gb of RAM, added 1x stick of 16Gb of the same model and brand, was seen properly in bios and UnRaid. But my Parity check went from about 110Mb/s, went to 70mb's... I removed the 16Gb of RAM, Parity check went back to 110Mb/s My Tower2 had 1x 8Gb of RAM, added 1x stick of 8gb of exactly the same model and brand, was seen properly in bios and UnRaid. But my Parity check went from about 80Mb/s, went to 3mb's... I removed the 8Gb of RAM, Parity check went back to 80Mb/s Did I miss something when I added the RAM, configuration?? Do I need to do anything other than adding the RAM stick to the motherboard and boot into UnRaid? The Diagnostic is from my Tower3 while running the Parity check with the 32Gb of Ram installed. Appreciate your always valuable advice tower3-diagnostics-20190623-0849.zip
  18. Thanks, No I do not access outside my home network, I learned something today. Much appreciated.
  19. Thanks, think I will backup my other 2x Towers later today, just never know. Normally I do a backup after I have added disks or controllers. Much appreciated the help. Cheers