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  1. All was good, Got the failing disk replaced and rebuilt, UnRaid is AWESOME. Appreciate the help johnnie.black
  2. Thanks johnnie.black, will keep an eye on it, I have the original disk 11, was changed just to upgrade size and age of the drive. Glad I went dual parity. Much appreciated
  3. Hi Everyone, I replaced a Hard drive, No. 13 that was failing, Thanks to johnnie.black for the help, Array was reported as healthy after rebuild. So I replaced an old 2Tb drive with a new 4Tb drive for disk 11. Now I have Disk 13 with a Red X. What should I do now? Stop the Disk 11 rebuild, is 2hrs and 4 to go until finished. I have attached Diags. Much appreciated. tower3-diagnostics-20190626-1316.zip
  4. I just upgraded 2x Towers, No Issues 6.7.0 to 6.7.1 Much appreciated
  5. I have a disk problem on Tower2 also, Looks like johnnie.black nailed it... Awesome. Much appreciated
  6. Thanks, were turned on, but once a week. Modified the settings. Much appreciated.
  7. Once again johnnie.black, You are AWESOME, Thanks. I did not get any error notification, But I just went to the logs and I do see that error. Should have gone there myself first, Sorry...... Lesson learned. And learning every day. Much appreciated.
  8. Would I see that as Smart error?? Or would that be a cable issue?
  9. Hi Everyone, Had some interesting behaviour after adding more RAM, My Parity check halved it's speed or worse. My Tower3 had 1x 16Gb of RAM, added 1x stick of 16Gb of the same model and brand, was seen properly in bios and UnRaid. But my Parity check went from about 110Mb/s, went to 70mb's... I removed the 16Gb of RAM, Parity check went back to 110Mb/s My Tower2 had 1x 8Gb of RAM, added 1x stick of 8gb of exactly the same model and brand, was seen properly in bios and UnRaid. But my Parity check went from about 80Mb/s, went to 3mb's... I removed the 8Gb of RAM, Parity check went back to 80Mb/s Did I miss something when I added the RAM, configuration?? Do I need to do anything other than adding the RAM stick to the motherboard and boot into UnRaid? The Diagnostic is from my Tower3 while running the Parity check with the 32Gb of Ram installed. Appreciate your always valuable advice tower3-diagnostics-20190623-0849.zip
  10. Thanks, No I do not access outside my home network, I learned something today. Much appreciated.
  11. Thanks, think I will backup my other 2x Towers later today, just never know. Normally I do a backup after I have added disks or controllers. Much appreciated the help. Cheers
  12. Thanks, I did know that, as I had a USB stick fail about a year ago, and went through the process, all of which was not that painful. I had an original USB that I bought, when UnRaid sold the software already installed on a USB stick, yes that was a LONG time ago. Any idea as to why I had the problem?
  13. OK, So this morning I change to my Tower1 USB stick and it booted. Replaced my original power supply, Booted with the Tower1 USB Stick. Looked at my Tower2 USB on my Windows 10 computer and all seemed there, compaired USB to the backup I have, looked identical. So I copied the backup to the Tower2 USB Stick. Put it back into my Tower2 and it booted... Powered down and connected all the power and sata cables. It booted and mounted all the drives when I started the array. Hmmm, So what do you think caused this?? And DID I do the right thing in copying the backup to the USB stick? Appreciate the advice.
  14. I think that my Towers are unsecure, as I don't have to use a password. How can I make them secure?
  15. OK, I disconnected all hard drives from the LSI's and Power from them. Love modular PSU's with cable connections.. Same, did not boot after post beep. So Next will remove the LSI controllers. Just not had the time today to mess properly, but monday can install Friends MB and see what happens with itimpi's strategy. Appreciate the help and advice, Thanks
  16. Thanks Guy's, I have just changed the power supply to a brand new Corsair 850watt I had for my Friends Tower. Unfortunately it still does not boot. Next I will disconnect all the hard drives and just boot with the UnRaid USB stick. Agree?
  17. I have a new Motherboard, CPU and RAM exactly the same, a Spare, If you can call it that....is for a Friend but can use if needed. He will not mind 😀 What should I do now. Parity was checked 2 days ago. with no errors. I can pull the UnRaid USB Stick but what should I look for?? Much appreciated
  18. Hi Everyone, came home to my Tower2 offline. Running 6.7.0. Has been running for about 2 years with no issues or changes other than UnRaid OS. Have 22x 2Tb hard drives, 2x parity. Running 3x LSI 9211-8i's flashed to IT. I rebooted and got the single post beep, then nothing at all, no video output from hdmi or DVI output.. Gigabyte Z370 HD3-CF Motherboard, not using onboard sata ports. Intel® Core™ i3-8100 CPU @ 3.60GHz 8Gb of DDR4 RAM 850watt PSU Corsair. Is on a UPS so I do not suspect a power dropout or spike. Not sure what to do next. Appreciate your help. Cheers
  19. Transfer speeds stayed the same, just over 110Mb/s
  20. Will let you know what the transfer speeds are like after parity check is finished. Thanks
  21. Thanks Benson, Well after reading many many threads here, I found a post by johnnie.black with the tuneable setting for disks. I changed to the suggested and BAM, parity check speed went straight to 168Mb/s which is awesome from the original 71Mb/s.. Settings -> Disk Settings Tunable (md_num_stripes): 4096 Tunable (md_sync_window): 2048 Tunable (md_sync_thresh): 2000 Thanks to you Both. Much appreciated
  22. Benson, could you list your hardware? Would be nice to see what makes yours that fast.. Will do for the pci-e when I get time later this week. Much appreciated.