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  1. Well the good news is that i was already preclearing two drives to expand the array. Bad news is that the expansion just got cut in half. None of the other drives were highlighing errors so i removed the drive and am rebuilding with a new drive. Thank you
  2. New diagnostics attached.
  3. Thank you, Will try this tonight and post the new diag.
  4. Ran into a problem during the monthly parity check. Close to the end of my parity check something happened on disk 11 and it now shows disabled with a red x. There are also a number of errors. I've attached a screen shot as well as the full syslog. I have not done anything on the server since finding this. I could use some advice on the best course of action. syslog.txt
  5. I've got a good deal of data that i need to move from one unraid server to another and am not sure what the best way to do this might be. I'd prefer to do if directly between the two servers without involving a third machine Could anyone please provide some guidance. Thank you
  6. When data is deleted is unraid setting all the bits that held that data to 0 then?
  7. I'm currently converting 8 disks from reiserfs to xfs and this process is going along just fine. I move all the data off a drive reiserfs drive to the other drives in the array. I've done this with midnight commander and with unbalance. Once all the data is moved I make sure any folders that didn't get deleted are deleted. I stop the array and change the disk to xfs I start the array and format the drive. Then I run a parity check writing corrections to parity To my surprise there are no parity corrections - I don't understand this. How could there not be any parity errors?
  8. The script is the very last thing in the first post here: But you do have to modify it to run on 6.2. See my previous post.
  9. It's the first Q&A question One thing to note is that you must make the change noted here to the Joe L preclear script for it to run on 6.2+ Run that very last bold command in a telnet session while in the same directory as the Joe L preclear script.
  10. I'm attempting to preclear a couple 2tb drives and am seeing the same type of behavior. First both drives made it to the post read. On the preclear screen one drive was frozen at 26% and the other at 76%. Neither the percent nor the time was advancing any more. When I checked the Main > unassigned drives I could see that both drives were still reading. The both eventually finished but even then preclear showed them frozen. I'm not sure if it really completed or not. On a second attempt at clearing the disks one disk appeared to freeze in preclear during the preread. The other disk was looked fine and was well into the zeroing cycle. I checked the main > unassigned drives screen and the disk that preclear showed as frozen was not reading or writing. It's just a wild guess but i suspect when preclear freezes the current task finishes but any additional tasks never start. I'm not sure what to make of this. I stopped this preclear and am now trying it with the joe l script instead.
  11. I've been using unRAID for many years almost exclusively for media storage for Kodi. I'm already very familiar with VM's, especially Hyper-V and to a lesser extent VMWare. I'm a complete noob when it comes to anything linux (unraid is it for me). I frequently need to spin up a VM to work through various issues or for testing / debugging purposes. The VM's could just about any Windows version (server or workstation) from 2008R2 or later and I generally connect to them via RDP or the hyper-v console. Today I run these on my Win10 laptop. I'm considering replacing my laptop with something that would not have the horsepower to do this and looking for alternatives when i thought of unRAID. How well do VM's work in unRAID? Are they difficult to setup and/or connect to? Since this was never a consideration for me before I know I'd need to upgrade my CPU/MB/RAM to accommodate multiple VM's. Any recommendations on new hardware would be much appreciated. My plan would be to use the secondary server in my sig.
  12. Thank you for the very detailed information.