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  1. TB = TeraBytes. I'm Cajun and you're Kiwi, it gets lost in translation. LOL I had stopped unManic sometime late January early February when I first saw the issue I'm having. So nothing was being converted to HEVC. Since I cranked up unManic again since you provided the 0.0.1 branch to me, I've shaved off 2.8 TB's. No rush, enjoy the weekend.
  2. So I tokk a copy of my appData, then changed ":0.0.1" to ":staging" and started unManic. I left HW Decoding unchecked. I also notice the scan takes a bit longer that 0.0.1 to populate a list. It does grab a file right off the bat though. This time the file got to about 15%, CPU pegged out on dashboard and I lost GUI. Let it stay active for a bit then stopped unManic. Took another copy of appData. Went back to 0.0.1 and its happy again. I will PM you nextCloud links to the appData files. Debugging made them too big to add here. Also, you had a
  3. I’ll give it another shot for you tonight. Ive been running 0.1.0 repository and it’s been blowing through my files. Chopped off about 2TB since you gave me that repository a couple days ago. This time I’ll wipe out my appdata again and try from scratch. Do you want my current logs before I switch to compare to what I sent you last time? I believe I turned on debugging.
  4. Added a screenshot of email and the same post on site. The email used to contain the entire post. Seems to have changed with the recent update.
  5. Did this update make the email notifications condensed/cutoff? If so, can there be an option to turn off/on or make it the previous way. I looked and didn't see an option to send email excerpts. I catch up by reading my unRaid folder in my email client from the bottom. But now every post is just a sentence....... Thanks
  6. Thanks. I want to make sure it’s not anything else. I’ll try that tomorrow. It’s 10pm here ATM. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Is there a repository string I can run for the time being that would pull a version pre-February?
  8. So I nuked my docker image and it's appData folder. I switched to "staging" and built unManic from scratch. P2000 - Using enc and dec - 32GB of RAM but temp/cache is on appData SSD's - 1 worker The first movie it grabs it appears to work fine. My RAM is at 32% and CPU hangs between 1 - 40%. When that movies hits between 22-27% done The CPU pegs out to 100%, RAM goes to 60% and the unManic GUI is inaccessible. If I wait a few minutes, the GUI comes back, CPU settles down, and RAM returns to 32%. But it is starting over on the same or another movies file.
  9. I forgot to add, I am using a P2000 and it is almost like its not even using it. I can see the streams in SMI but I am still having the same issues as previous recent post.
  10. Just wanted to add I am having the CPU/RAM slamming issue too. Kids asked if internet was down. My piHoles are on my unRaid box so I came here first because I was able to ping from Net Analyzer on my phone. The maxed out RAM was killing all my dockers usability. My DNS and Plex were not happy. I tried disabling Audio Transcode. Changing cache from RAM to cache. No fix. It grabs a movie, pegs the CPU and before it's at 10%, 32GB of RAM is at 95% and dockers lock up. Killing unManic calms everything down. Will turn on debugging and try
  11. Apologies for my urge to post, I tried educating myself first. I promise. I have been inactive on the forum pretty much since October due to hurricane restoration. I saw a reference to this plugin from the 6.9.0-beta35 post about the need to convert paths to "mnt/remotes". I use UD for Duplicati and my "NZB/downloads" path and have been for a couple years. It is currently working fine using "mnt/disks" on all my containers and my legacy switch is set to "No". But the post states to continue using "mnt/disks" to set that to "Yes". Also when I
  12. I don't have any or that specific issues. I never used this but many have and still do. You should be able to build whatever flavor combo of unRaid version/nvidia driver build with this:
  13. Apologies if I missed it. I saw it kind of referenced a few comments back. So others don't rack their brains looking: You cannot see the new Nvidia-Driver plugin in the CA App Store until you are on at least beta 35. Maybe add that to the post if not there already.
  14. I can answer the second one. I don't know what Channels DVR is or have ever used it. You can pass the GPU to a VM "or" Docker(s). So yes, multiple supported dockers will work. I use my p2000 for Plex, unmanic, and foldingathome at the same time.
  15. Yes and 3 of the 5 h264 encoder settings have NVENC in their name. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Well I may be wrong but the ones that have “nvenc” in their their title definitely need a Nvidia GPU to function. (?? or QuickSync CPU ??) libx264rgb is the same thing as libx264 but has RGB pixel formats as input instead of YUV. That’s from Google. Can’t give you more info than that. Not my field of expertise. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. One worker, one file. One file, one worker. Also multiple workers do not speed up your productivity IMO. Stick with one. Quality is great for me. Been a while since I’ve used handbrake. I could never get the same file reduction. I also don’t notice a diff between CPU and GPU converted quality. EDIT: CPU compresses/reduces more but I would be 100 yrs. old by the time it finished and my CPU would be a glob of lava. Try a few files. I have 10GB movies that dropped to 800MB. I also have 10GB movies that dropped to 9GB. There are a few factors that come into play with how much can be done
  18. My Sonarr V3 is setup with all my monitored shows on my 1080p profile. I have Preferred words in the profiles set to "Megusta - HEVC - h265 - x265 - 265" I only change off of the 1080 profile for an older series that is hard to find. I usually drop to my "Any" profile which still looks for 720 and 1080 and stops when 1080 is reached. If my downloaded file happens to not be 265 it still goes into my "/TV' plex path and that is the same folder that unManic watches. It converts it and everyone is happy. I then un-monitor seasons or shows that are finished to keep my dashb
  19. It is explained in the second post on the ShinobiPro Support Thread. Also, (I know you didn't ask this but...) a Gpu can be assigned to a VM 'or' to Docker(s). Yes multiple dockers at once. And also to answer your question, you add the same parameters to the docker edit page as you would on Plex.
  20. I think I asked half of your question a while back.
  21. So I put the first 33 movies from my movies that start with "H" in a separate folder. I just opened my Finder and that's where I landed. Turned on unManic. unManic with HEVC-NVENC took it from 92.7GB to 31.0GB in less than 4.5 hours. I've averaged 50 to 90% reduction per transcoded file before so this falls in lime without NVENC. But it would have been days on my system via CPU only. The quality does not look any different to my eyes on my screens I use. YMMV. Also it didn't do all 33 files. It didn't like a handful of them. They were skipped. I just copied my wife's Criminal
  22. I don't think so but is there a difference between hevc_nvenc vs. nvenc_hevc? I have both in my dropdown. Is it just a naming convention? I moved all my movies that start with a particular letter to a separate location and I will compare before and after results.
  23. Not sure what OS's you are on but I've done this with two unRaid boxes. I mounted my media shares in the unassigned devices plugin on the unmanic box and let it rip. My main server stayed cool and I let the unmanic server scream with heat.
  24. Replied to reddit post. I would look hard at the PSU. Sometimes it seems like a wild idea but I’ve lost hair because of it. had many drives red ball only to work fine in a HDD enclosure. New PSU and no more errors.
  25. Scroll up to February 5th, Is that what you're looking for?