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  1. After some digging around on spigot and mcmyadmin forums, I found some post that say there are stipulations that prevent mcmyadmin2 from self building the spigot jar. Can anyone tell or point to a walkthrough of how to install the spigot jar on an unraid/docker/mcmyadmin environment. I know how to run the buildtools.jar on an ubuntu install, just not sure in this environment.
  2. Installed this docker ok and I can get MC Official to run fine. However if I try and run a Spigot Server it says "A fault is preventing the server from starting". I tried starting the docker install over from scratch and going straight to Spigot but I get the same error. Below is what the console says when I try to start a Spigot server.
  3. Can someone explain why this happens every time I invoke a move. See attachment. It calculates and does a dry run happily.
  4. I hope you don't mean your unraid server is available directly on the internet? There are lots of threads here talking about how that is a bad idea. Regarding Plex specifically, for initial setup Plex requires that you access the Plex server using: http://ipaddress:32400/web from a computer that is on the same subnet as the Plex server. Once the server has been setup you should be able to manage it from any ip address. Also see: https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/204604227-Why-can-t-the-Plex-app-find-or-connect-to-my-Plex-Media-Server- Thanks for the quick reply. They were always on the same subnet. My router groups my DHCP and Static IP's on the same subnet. But that didn't help. I was always able to hit the GUI but I was never able to see the Server settings page. I went and temporarily changed this unRaid box over to a DHCP IP and then was able to enable "Remote Access" on the Plex side. I then moved back over to one of my static IP's and can still edit my server via LAN and WAN. Your suggestion made my brain think outside the box for a work around. Thanks again! I also appreciate the security concern. This box is firewalled/proxied/and has VPN. There is nothing tied to me personally anyway on my Plex box.
  5. Plex Setup with a Public Static Ip Address I recently did some server cleaning and decided to start my Docker from scratch. My Plex install had been working fine for years with out any issues. Recently I added Static Ip addresses to my ISP account and my unRaid server is on one of said Static IP's. Even when I switched my array from a LAN IP to a WAN IP, Plex continued to work flawlessly. Locally and Remotely. However, once I deleted my install and reinstalled it, the Plex web GUI no longer sees my Plex server. I can successfully log on to "http://url.com:32400/web" and log into my plexpass account. I can also see other friends Plex Servers. Just not mine. I am assuming that remote access is not enabled and because of my public static IP my server is basically "remote" 100% of the time. If I stop the Docker container, I can no longer access the web GUI, so that part is working. Also all the correct ports are forwarded. Thanks for any help!
  6. Thanks for the reply Squid. I've been there. When I didn't see a link for owncloud there at first (I know it's in Beta) I posted in the MariaDB thread just because of the semi-relationship. I did mention in the post to please move or delete it if it was a problem being there. I've been back playing around gfjardim's container and getting it to work with MariaDB. Going to play around with LSIO's on one of my other array's. It's just that the problem is really weird and I'm not sure what could be making it hang around if I deleted everything. PS - I wasn't throwing any negativity on the response time of any forum. Just giving a timeline of recent events. I know 99% of us on here tinker with this as a side project/hobby. Thanks for all past and future help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Didn't yet. I was actually running their version too. Only because Maria is built in to the container. I joined their forum and haven't got any support as of yet. I haven't been approved to post comments as of 3 days now. And there is no thread for owncloud yet on lime forums or lsio forums. I have not fixed the issue. I have removed all traces of owncloud on any share, disk, and cache and started over from scratch. I get the initial setup page. Enter required criteria and it builds the database. I can verify all the info was built into the config files. However, when I go back to the login page, same issue. Password disappears and page is refreshed. I cannot for the life of me think of any place a file would be hiding that would retain information to keep this error returning after a fresh install. My next adventure is to start Docker itself from scratch. I only have Plex, mumble and owncloud running so it wont be a lengthy process. I'll post my outcome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Someone needs to backup what I am going to say but I did the same thing and didn't delete the folders named after users. I just made sure my clients were syncing the correct files after it was back up. PS - I didn't delete the data from my laptop folders either. Turned off wifi. Made sure sync was setup correctly and turned wifi back on for it to check for sync changes.
  9. I do it via a telnet session via terminal. Once I get to the config file's directory I use: sudo nano config.php
  10. I can access my ownCloud web login interface page but none of my user logins work. It doesn't say anything like incorrect password. It just erases the password and refreshes the page. I am running 9.0. The only thing I did recently was enable the Docs plugin from within the ownCloud GUI. Is there a way to disable the plugin(s) from a config file or something? Or is there another solution I can try. <<UPDATE - 05/01/16 - 08:41 PM CST>> I backed up my data files and deleted everything. Removed the container and image from Docker. Reinstalled the docker from scratch and I still have the same issue, cannot login. It has been working fine. I have tried from other laptops and phones and multiple browsers. i have tried clearing cache and history.
  11. Also I am sorry for the ignorance but there is /data in the container volume field. Do I need to populate the Host path with a location. Any folder? Cache?
  12. Yeah pretty much that scenario. Once I clear this 2TB and format it, I'll have enough room to relocate my other 2-2TB drives' data. I'll look into those tonight. Thanks!!
  13. Great thread! Sorry for people having problems but they help everyone else tremendously. I am trying to migrate 800GB from a 2TB drive to 2-500GB drives. For XFS formatting purposes. What does the rsync command for that look like? Tried unBalance which I assume does this in the background if you select the correct checkboxes but it hangs up on a couple files.
  14. Sorry to drag up this older thread but i tried searching with no quick luck. With my Plus key I purchased under v4 or v5 and I currently use under v6 (works perfectly) I can now utilize 12 dives vs. 7 drives? I know the website says 12 but doesn't say it weather or not the version the key was purchased under changes the terms. Thanks (Since you can't search with a single character term, I was having trouble drilling down to the information I was looking for. I couldn't use just use the number '5' or '6' in my search text string so I was getting all sorts of returns using '5.0' and '6.0'.)
  15. Thanks for the quick reply. Thanks for the extra slot. Have a great day!!
  16. So I just upgraded one of my servers from a 5.0.5 server with a plus key to 6b14 using same key. I performed a stop array today and noticed I can select a drive for all 20 something slots. My plus key was only for 7 total. I don't have any drive to add nor do I currently need to. Which is the reason I never went to Pro yet. I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that if I add an 8th or N'th drive it'll have a data cap placed on it until I upgrade my key?
  17. Nevermind, finally found some info stating NIC issues with ASRock and Ver. 5.X.X - Updated to 6 and pops up on network perfectly. Thanks for the previous help.
  18. Update. I went ahead and took the plunge and bought a new motherboard and processor. I should have done this a long time ago. I purchased an ASrock X97 extreme4 and an Intel CPU. I hooked everything up and from the looks of it everything is working. But there is no network connection. What's weird is I can update the UEFI over the network and Internet. It seems as though it's just the unRaid OS that can't get on the network. Should I copy over virgin network config file. Or is there something I'm blatantly missing. I did some searches for ASRock and network but didn't find the same issue yet.
  19. Well definitely not a network issue and not what I was expecting to see. Seems as though my CPU is flaking. Am I reading that correctly? I tried the tail command but it wouldn't output any good info. I hooked a monitor up to it, and this is what I got.
  20. Same here, used a 250 or 300 watt that was salvaged from an HP desktop and had shutdowns and virtual HDD errors. Not sure what else to call them. I purchased a corsair 750+ gold and system was great. Ran like a horse and the same hard drives that had errors and red balled have also been great. Just my experience, may not be your problem. TRURL has a good point too, any beeping noises ever?
  21. Hey Guys, Haven't been on here much because as you know when your unRaid works you tend to forget about it. My array is built in a gutted Mac Pro Tower and sits quietly on the floor in my office. Everything has been fine until about three days ago. A few beginning notes:\ HP motherboard 4GB Ram AMD CPU Gigabit on board NIC 7 Drives (1 Parity / 1 Cache / 5 Data) Only running Dynamix, Plex and APC addons I logged onto my Living room Mac Mini and didn't see my shares on the desktop that I have a script that auto-mounts them. I opened Finder and the server is not listed in my shared column on the left. I went into my office and the array is still running. Tried to Telnet to it with no luck. Reset my router and switches with no luck. Opened up the case and the NIC port is green and blinking. Link and Activity. Tried to PING with no luck. I did a hard power down (Don't fuss - don't know another method). Booted up the server and in a minute or so. My shares popped up on the desktop and I was able to access the GUI. Watched a movie, played with some photos and the new Mac Photos App, Copied some files over. Went to sleep and work the next day, come home to same scenario. This time around, I got the system back up in the same method and started a transfer of some files, and about an hour later had a file transfer error dialog, and again completely gone. Went walk and look at the server, NIC card blinking away. Now, my question, where should I look first, Network, Software, Hardware? I was thinking of throwing in a PCI network card and disabling the onboard one to see if that helps. If, I can't access it after this occurs, how can I retrive the log. Would the latest log entries be on the flash drive. If I come home to the same scenario today, I will hook up a monitor and keybard and poke around to see if it is actually active. But not really sure what to look for. I know some commands but I haven't done much unRaid stuff from that end. Thanks for any help.
  22. Totally understandable. This Mac Mini is dedicated to my living room TV. I don't have TV service at my house by choice. So my itunes, Netflix, and YouTube is all we use. Works for us. My unraid is in my media closet with all my network infrastructure. I'm staying subscribed to see other people suggestions if I ever want to change. But my whole family and house is OSX and iOS based so it works great. We all have iPads or iPhones and each bedroom has an appleTV. I also run plex directly from my unraid and I have to say, Plex has about zero % of the everyday itunes headaches. Works great and for 3 dollars a month I can watch from anywhere on any device. My plex is just pointed to my itunes media folders. One for movies and one for Tv shows and one for music. Sets up fine and adds all the meta data flawlessly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. I just store my library and media as iTunes would normally do on a Mac or PC. Then I point my living room Mac mini to that library. I could not live without this script below. Thanks to speeding_ant http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=10274.msg I keep my often used shares mounted. Especially my share called "Libraries" which holds my itunes, iPhoto, iMovie and Motion stuff. Easy to set up and in my opinion better. You're not using your Library files that much different than they normally would have been. Now you are only allowed one main itunes user at a time. Which sounds bad but I rather it that way. I manage all my media from that Mac mini and also centralize about 7 iOS device's apps and backups from that same mini. Turn on Home sharing and all my phones, iPads, Apple TV's and laptops can hit the libraries. Not sure if this is a solution for you but it works for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk