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  1. No I can't see disk 2. I just thought I had more data on disk 2 than what is missing. I thought I was seeing disk 2 because my iTunes Library looks OK so far. Nothing encountered missing yet. It seems my iPhoto Library took a big hit. I haven't really poke around too much. I didn't want much reading and writing going on in such a fragile state. My shares span all drives. iTunes hasn't encountered a missing file yet. My daughters played a couple movies before I realized they were on iTunes. I don't want to open iPhoto until this is resolved or settled. I can only see what I have on disk 1. I can't tell what I am missing from disk 2. If that makes sense.
  2. Screen shot still looks the same. I assume its running off of parity. Should I just accept my loss? Or is there hope.
  3. reiserfsch --check /dev/md2 came back = bread: Cannot read the block (2): (Input/output error) reiserfscheck --fix-fixable /dev/md2 came back with same results then says to replace drive to save your time or run the -B block remap. But I came to the forums and never did that.
  4. the only reiserfsck commands I ran were 'check' then 'fix' but 'fix' aborted. That was only on disk 2. It was just disk 2 at first. While trying to get 2 up then 5 had the red ball. And then I came here. The more I look at my files, disk 2 may have more pictures than I thought. Since your last post I tried new SATA cables and different power connector. I even tried moving 5 to a different SATA slot. still red balls.
  5. No changes when I replace the SATA Cables. Still starts the array in the same status. Since unRaid can see the drives and I was not writing or reading at the time this took place. Can I possibly do a Trust my array restore? Man I've never been more anxious.
  6. I have checked and double checked all SATA and power cables. It still boots to the same scenario. Disk 2 did not say "unformatted" at first. Disk 5 did not have any data on it as of this failure, disk 2 is my only concern. I will try another SATA cable on the 2 drives.
  7. When I try and replace one or the other it says, too many errors, cannot start array. I starts, mounts and is usable. I am not sure what files I am missing from disk 2 yet. I don't want to mess around on iTunes or iPhoto too much and corrupt my libraries. Is there a way I can shrink my array by removing disk 5, then possibly, hopefully replace/rebuild disk 2 and finally add a new disk 5.
  8. I opened my case while attaching a monitor and upon restarting the array I get an orange ball on md2. I have some reiserfsck errors in my sys log. I will attach it. I tried doing the --check and the --fix-fixable. Both abort and say bread: Cannot read the bloc (2): (Input/output error). I don't mind replacing the disk 2 and rebuilding it but disk 5 being red for the same reason is preventing that. Before I try any other reiser commands I would like some advice. Thanks in advance. If you need anymore infer please let me know. Disk 5 is empty BTW. Version 5.0 rc11 syslog.txt.zip