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  1. 10 hours ago, Dazog said:

    Some of these updates contain CVE patches!


    acpid2 2.0.30



    coreutils 8.30

    cryptsetup 2.04

    curl 7.61.1

    dbus 1.12.10

    dhcpcd 7.08

    E2fsprogs 1.44.4

    ebtables 2.0.10 (rev 4)

    encodings:  1.0.4 (rev 5)

    ethtool 4.18-1

    findutils 4.6.0

    FreeType 2.9.1

    fribidi 1.05

    fuse 3.2.6

    gdbm 1.18


    Samba 4.8.5

    RC3 will include all the updated packages that contain a CVE and Samba at the very least

  2. 5 minutes ago, bastl said:

    I have a feeling it's an AMD releated issue with Unraid 6.60-RC1. In earlier Versions i hadn't had any issues like this. Maybe someone with a Ryzen or Threadripper system reading this can test my xml or can try to reproduce this error. 

    I created a new VM using your XML on a Threadripper machine.  Was able to edit and save (without any changes).  Then edit, increase the memory and save again.  No error messages here.

  3. What is your native layout for VNC?


    I know the 'en-us' keyboard layout for VNC in the current release of unRAID has an issue with "<".  This is fixed in QEMU 2.12 which will be included in unRAID 6.6 (currently in development).  I only have en-us keyboards here so it'll be tricky to reproduce exactly what you're experiencing but I'm curious if it is also fixed in the newer QEMU.

  4. I'm trying to reproduce with a very small UPS here (APC Back-UPS NS 4001) with the following settings in unRAID:


    Battery level to initiate shutdown (%): 20
    Runtime left to initiate shutdown (minutes): 5

    Time on battery before shutdown (seconds): 0


    I pulled the APC's plug from the wall and almost immediately I got a notification that it was running on batteries.  I continued to watch the unRAID APC Settings page to see the UPS runtime left and percentage steadily drop.  After about 7-8min the UPS percentage dropped to ~40% and runtime left was 5min the unRAID server initiated a shutdown as expected.


    It's taking forever for my UPS to recharge now but next test tomorrow will be to just use the percentage (20%) and set runtime left to 0.

  5. A few more results:


    - ASRock X370 Killer SLI w/ BIOS 3.40 ---> reports 64GB max. installable capacity (correct!)

    - ASRock X370 Killer SLI w/ BIOS 4.70 ---> reports 256GB max. installable capacity (wrong!)


    - Asus PRIME X370-PRO w/ BIOS 3402 ---> reports 64GB max. installable capacity (correct!)

    - Asus PRIME X370-PRO w/ BIOS 4011 ---> reports 256GB max. installable capacity (wrong!)


    ...My guess is one of the AGESA updates is doing this