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  1. Words have apparently not made things less confusing, so I'll give a more practical example a stab. Let's pretend we have three drives, a 4 bit parity disk, a 2 bit data disk (Disk 1) and a 3 bit data disk (Disk 2): We start out with the following raw contents: Parity: 0110 Disk 1: 01 Disk 2: 001 The we copy a (pretend) one bit file from Disk 1 (second bit) to Disk 3 (different filesystem, ends up at other address on other disk), now we have: Parity: 1110 Disk 1: 01 Disk 2: 101 Replace the small Disk 1 with a fancy new 4 bit disk and rebuild. Extra space is filled with values calculated using parity disk and the other data disk, so parity remains valid: Parity: 1110 Disk 1: 0100 Disk 2: 101
  2. When I click the search box a drop-down defaulting to "All Content" appears to the left of the text field. Changing it to "This Topic" limits the search to ... this topic! The new desk build search is a bit weird. Seems like it gets converted to new+desk+build. Replace that text on the search page with new desk build and your unRAID Desk Build will be in the search results... Edit: More specifically, if I enter new desk build in the small top right search box, I get sent to: Entering new desk build in the big search box on that page sends me to: I would expect different search boxes to behave the same way, so absolutely a bug.
  3. FAT32 with a label of UNRAID sounds right. How large is the Sandisk? Is it MBR or GPT?
  4. Should not matter, it is the same web UI.
  5. Nothing wrong with that, really, that's basically how I did it: Copy data to empty disk, verify checksums, format old disk, rinse, repeat...
  6. How did you try to set the password? Using passwd won't stick, it has to be done through the web UI.
  7. How about attaching the last diagnostics file FCP captured as well?
  8. Would love that. Maybe should be extracted to a dedicated feature request?
  9. And maybe also useful for running a correcting parity check on a small part of the array if a non-correcting check found errors.
  10. Should be safe to just delete them and restart the server.
  11. Only if you want to replace it with a smaller drive (or have the replacement in another slot).
  12. Well, "Cannot allocate memory" is certainly not good. Either you don't have enough memory, or something is misbehaving. Unfortunately syslog snippets are rarely useful... Could you try to grab diagnostics and attach it? Check the following post for more info:
  13. Are you sure the URLs actually break? As long as the number does not change, it should still work even if the words from the title are different.
  14. The parity is absolutely not valid if you removed a disk from the array.
  15. Copying should work fine, only moves within the same mount point are problematic. On a related note - Don't mix disks and user shares unless you know exactly what you are doing, there are situations where you can lose data...
  16. It is absolutely possible if they are mapped against multiple /mnt/user/[name of share] rather than one single /mnt/user.
  17. At least the signatures are now limited in size and there is usually plenty of free space at the end of posts, so it wouldn't be as bad as it was in the old forum... Default to off is nice, though. Maybe that can help posters realize that the signature is not actually part of a post. Always fun to encounter old posts referencing a signature that does not match the post anymore.
  18. I assume your "below setup" is referring to your signature? For someone who has not explicitly enabled signature viewing, it sure looks like you forgot to add something to your post
  19. Especially at the command prompt! But yes, to stay safe - stick to user share to user share and/or disk to disk and never mix user and disk. Sure, but it is not part of "/mnt/user/domains archive" so it is not triggered by this transfer. Still best to point out the risk of mixing user shares/disk shares anyway, of course.
  20. If a file is present in /mnt/cache/media, it will also be present in /mnt/user/media. That does not mean that it will still be there if you delete it from the cache disk. /mnt/user is the combined contents of the array's data disks and the cache disk/pool. /mnt/user0 is the combined contents of the array's data disks only. Hopefully you tried to move files to the latter... In any case, try to figure out how the files ended up on the cache disk in the first place. My bet is on either a misconfigured plugin/docker container or that they were saved to a share using the cache and then moved to media using mc or similar.
  21. Do you use plugins/docker containers to download/process media files? If so, check their configurations. If you deleted the media folder from the cache drive without moving the files it contained first, you probably lost them... The setting "no" only relates to writing, not to reading. If files are present on the cache drive folder corresponding to the "media" share, they will show up in the regular "media" share even if it is set not to use cache drive.
  22. Because they are in /mnt/cache they will show up in /mnt/user as well.
  23. Maybe old board links could be redirected as well? For example, redirects me to rather than Looking forward to checking out the new forum more thoroughly later
  24. And exactly how much space is Explorer telling you is available on the Movies share?