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  1. In the diagnostics, shares V---o, s----m and d-----s were also set to "prefer". Well, a-----a too. But I assume that is appdata which usually should be prefer. If you check the settings for the downloads share, which field contains 3000000000?
  2. I think you are right. It used to be that I looked for the combination ReiserFS+nearly full disk as a potential problem, but nowadays I cringe just seeing ReiserFS disks present. Simply too many reported cases of symptoms magically disappearing after migrating to another FS...
  3. Safest option would be to set up a new share and then set only one specific disk to be included. That would keep files on one disk without exposing disk shares and risk mixing them with user shares. As noted, any individual file is only stored on one disk. Multiple files in the same folder may however, depending on settings, be written to different disks.
  4. Since you can SSH to the box you can try to grab diagnostics from the command line by executing diagnostics The diagnostics zip should then be saved to your flash drive.
  5. Was more thinking of the downloads share. Posting the diagnostics zip would be a more convenient way to supply logs and settings, see Need help? Read me first!.
  6. Sounds like you have use cache set to "prefer" instead of "yes".
  7. Well, the phrasings "SLI GTX 970" and "one GPU for Linux OS and then the other GPU for Windows" kind of implies two cards, or maybe it is just me... I would also assume "my KVM switch" means a traditional KVM switch, and not anything VM related. If the two cards are separated and passed through to two different VMs, I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. Then again, I haven't really played with that yet.
  8. I wouldn't use the disks in an array in the meantime, there are simply way too many potential situations that can cause writes to them... If you need access to the data while maintaining the hope of rebuilding one of the failed drives, make sure any access to the disks is 100% read-only.
  9. The diagnostics zip, see Need help? Read me first!.
  10. Five seconds is absolutely noticeable, just long enough for someone to start worrying that something might have crashed. Absolutely. I used to plan split levels for shares to keep stuff together and ended up having to check available space all the time... Allowing files to be split as required is way more convenient! I'm usually happy with High Water and just rearranging a few files once or twice a year. Way less hassle for me, and typically fewer disks spinning at any one time.
  11. One reason would be binge-watching. Having the full TV show on one single disk ensures that the next episode is not on a spun down disk.
  12. Check the contents of /boot/config/ssh, do you have zero bytes keys there?
  13. Sounds like OpenDNS. Famous for extending their DNS services with crap that breaks stuff. Edit: You might need to reboot or wait for cached results to expire.
  14. There are plenty of users complaining about non-existing addresses resolving to that particular IP, so I would suspect either some crappy security software gone awry, or malware. Unlikely to be due to the ISP since the Windows 7 machine can resolve things properly. Compare the DNS settings of the 10 and 7.
  15. There is a bad DNS server configured somewhere. Either on your Windows 10 machine, your router or your ISP. What results do you get with ping on your Windows 7 machine?
  16. Hmm. Don't like that at all... Why tower.Home? If you run ping i.dont.exist does it also resolve to Is something appended to it? Edit: Don't have Windows 10 anywhere, so I can't be more specific, but I would verify the DNS settings (server, suffix, everything) and additionally make sure there are no toolbars, crap security software or other malware interfering with the settings.
  17. I would do a new config. ...either with parity added (and not check "parity is valid"), let parity sync and enjoy some protection. ...or without parity added (no worse off than with the current invalid parity) and enjoy the speed benefits while moving data around. Right now it seems like you are getting the downsides of both options - slowness and no protection against disk failure.
  18. Parity does not sound valid to me... A correcting parity check will be quite slow due to all corrections.
  19. If you open a command prompt and run ping tower does it show the expected address?
  20. Sorry, nothing like that is built into unRAID. You mention "recover [your] data", is your data not available now?
  21. The user one is the regular root of user shares, with contents from both cache and disks, while user0 excludes the cache. The latter is used by the mover script when moving content from the cache to the array.
  22. Impossible to say if a clean install would fix your problems since we have no idea what they are. If your son's homework is finished, consider grabbing and posting diagnostics now. Any messages on the console?
  23. Did you check the serial number of the red? Some sellers have harvested drives from external mybook drives and sold them as reds... Some users have had problems with such harvested drives being smaller.